4 killed as bomb explodes on Isabela vice mayor’s vehicle PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 October 2015 14:54

Four  people were killed and six others wounded when a bomb exploded on a moving pickup truck of the vice mayor of Isabela City around 1:15 p.m. Thursday.

Richard Falcatan, manager of DXNO radio station based in Basilan, said the bomb went off  while a black Toyota Hi-Lux owned by Vice Mayor Abdubaki Ajibon was passing in front of the house of Isabela City Mayor Cherry Akbar Barangay Sunrise, Isabela City.

He said those killed were the vehicle driver identified as Muhaimin Jalil, two security escorts of Ajibon — a certain Naullah (Dead on arrival) and Ramil Omar, and a local government employee named Gregorio General.

Injured were  Gregorio General Delgado, .Sattar Abdul, Nurhaida dela Cruz Amlan Sali Adam, Tupay Kalbi, Florante Agustin and Grace Manuel Flores

Mayor Akbar, who was in Manila Thursday, condemned the bomb attack.

“I strongly condemn such outrageous act of terror and the person responsible should not be allowed to be free from his culpability as a result therefor,” Akbar said in a statement.

The blast wrecked the Toyota pickup truck and destroyed parts of some houses in the vicinity.

Investigators were still checking on whether the bomb exploded aboard the vehicle or was planted on the road.

Mayor Akbar’s husband, Wahab Akbar, then Basilan congressman, was himself killed with two others in a bomb explosion that took place at the entrance to the House of Representatives in Manila in 2007

“I was informed that a bomb explosion happened in a location fronting my residence, which resulted to the death of three of our beloved constituents including a my relative. I would like to extend my sincerest sympathy and condolence to the family of those who died ... Rest assured that the chief investigator of our local police is tasked to investigate the incident to have the matter resolve in furtherance of justice and maintenance of peace and order in our locality. And to avoid the incident to happen again,” Mayor Akbar said.

Isabela City Police chief Supt. Albert Larubis told ABS-CBN News the bomb was planted in a tricycle parked along the road in Barangay Sunrise. It went off when while the convoy of Ajibon was passing.

Ajibon was slightly wounded.

Ajibon said he was on board the first vehicle when the IED went off.

He said the explosion was so powerful that it caused extensive damage to one of his vehicles.

Some of Ajibon’s escorts were among the casualties in the attack.

Ajibon had earlier declared that he will run in the 2016 mayoralty race in Isabela City. He will face the incumbent governor of Basilan province, Jum Akbar, who is on her last term.

Larubis said authorities cannot confirm yet if the attack on Ajibon was politically motivated.

In June 2012, the convoy of Ajibon was also hit in a similar road side bombing. Ajibon escaped unscathed in the first attack.

Meanwhile, the explosive and ordnance disposal unit of the Philippine National Police is still conducting an investigation into the blast. Bomb experts are trying to reconstruct the IED used in the attack.