Wife kills self over financial problem PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 11:05


A 24-year-old woman shot herself to death in front of her husband and kid inside their house in Recodo last Monday night.

In another incident, a policeman was axed several times by a carpenter after he hugged and kissed the latter’s daughter in Kasanyangan at dawn yesterday.

A report from the Ayala Police Station disclosed that Shella Mae Banga y Tapanan, married sustained a bullet wound in the mouth and died on the spot.

Police said the incident took place around 7:30 p.m. at Galo Compound in Recodo.

Initial investigation showed that Banga used the unlicensed .45 caliber pistol in killing herself.

It was gathered that Banga and her husband Rollie, 42, had been experiencing financial problem after the latter lost his job as a fishing boat skipper.

The couple had been quarreling dispute because of money problem.

Last Monday night, Shella Mae grabbed her husband’s gun and insert  its barrel into  her mouth then squeezed the trigger.

The husban Rolie surrendered to the police and admitted that he owns the gun which have no license.

Rolie was detained at the Ayala Police Station for the filing of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition cases in court.

Meanwhile, Ridzmar Balaji Muksan, 33, of the ARMM’s PNP Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) sustained multiple injuries in the body and was rushed to the hospital after dhe was attacked with an axe by Jairula Habibula, 45, married, of Kasanyangan.

Initial investigation showed that around 12:30 at dawn yesterday, Muksan waited the 23-year-old married daughter of Habibula along an alley in Kasanyangan. Moments later, Habibula’s daughter arrived and suddenly Muksan hugged and kissed her several times.

At this point, the woman ran away and reported the incident to her father who confronted Muksan.

However, Muksan told Habibula that he wanted his daughter and even threatened the life of her husband. It angered Habibula who grabbed an axe attacked Muksan.

Muksan was taken to the hospital while Habibula surrendered to the police. The axe was also turned over to the case investigator. – Dan Toribio Jr.