Oct. 14 Muslim legal holiday PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 October 2015 13:37

National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, Region IX-A, Zamboanga Peninsula Officer-ln-Charge Prof. Ilkhab A. Salahuddin has confirmed that “Amun Jadid’’ or Islamic New Year which falls on Muharram 1,1437 Hijra corresponding to October 14, 2015 is Muslim Legal Holiday as prescribed for under P.D. No. 1083 otherwise known as Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines.

Amun Jadid or Islamic New Year falls on the first day of the first lunar month of Muharram. The day is celebrated in commemoration of the HIJRA, flight of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Mecca to Madina.    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) fled to Madina together with Abubakar because he was persecuted by the people of Mecca for teaching Islam. In Madina, the Prophet was welcomed by the people and was able to preach Islam freely. It was during the second Caliph, Omar, son of Khattab, who upon consultation with the Holy Prophet’s companions declared the first day of Muharram of the Hijra to be the first month of the Islamic calendar.

Muslims on this day should renew their faith and strive to practice Islam in obedience to the commandments of  ALLAH and the teachings of his Prophet.

The day is celebrated by exchanging greetings, beneficial things and relating the stories about the Holy Prophet and his companions which serve as an inspiration for the Muslims to internalize ALLAH’s guidance for mankind.