Vice Mayor Iturralde’s brod escapes kidnap attempt PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 October 2015 12:55


The elder brother of Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde narrowly escaped a kidnap attempt at his residence-clinic  in Talon-Talon Thursday night.

One of the suspected kidnappers was arrested when policemen responded to the incident.

Dr. Armando Iturralde was attending to patients inside his clinic when a man came in pretending to be the last patient. He suddenly attacked the doctor and tried to drag him out of the clinic. But the physician resisted and fought back.

It was gathered that while a commotion was going on  inside the clinic, someone called the police.

Men of the Tetuan Police Station led by Insp. Abdulgafur Maani under Supt.Nonito Asdai rushed to Talon-Talon where five to six gunmen were waiting outside the clinic aboard a multicab van which immediately left the place and sped towards the interior of Puerto Princesa still in the same barangay.

The vehicle got stuck on mud and a brief exchange of gunfire took place between the police and the suspects.

The suspects then ran towards the mangroves where they boarded their getaway boats.

A certain Kawsar Atari y Maing, 29, a native of Zamboanga del Norte was arrested at the vicinity of Iturralde’s residence after he was positively identified as one of the kidnappers.

Atari was detained at the cell of the Tetuan Police Station. Reporters were barred from interviewing or taking his pictures.

Police also recovered some personal belongings inside the get-away multicab bearing plate number YDK 658.

Dr. Ituralde was earlier reported missing after his brother Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde and other immediate relatives couldn’t find him in his residence.

Relatives feared that he could have been seized by the kidnappers but before sunrise yesterday, the vice mayor said that his brother came out of his clinic where he hid for several hours.

DZT learned that earlier before the foiled abduction, two pumpboats arrived and docked at the shore of Puerto Princesa and some 15 armed men alighted and stayed in two saltbed warehouses.

However when the commotion took place at the house of Iturralde, few minutes later five gunmen who alighted from the get-away multicab arrived then boarded  two pumpboats.  They paddled from the mangrove area, toward the sea where they switched the engines on and sped away. –  Dan Toribio Jr.