Rep. Nuño: I won’t support Beng, Itu PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 13:18

District 2 Rep. Lilia Nuño told reporters Monday she will not support the candidacies of incumbent Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and Vice-Mayor Cesar Ituralde in the May 2016 elections.

Nuño said that after what Climaco did in pitting Ituralde against her for District 2 congressional seat, she considers it unforgivable and is a clear hostile act.

“Do you think after what Beng did to me I can still manage to support her? Put yourself in my shoes, after trying to put an opponent against me, do you expect me to support traitors?” Nuño asked.

Rep. Nuño is being backed by her daughter, Taluksangay Kagawad Lilibeth Nuño who is running for a council seat under the LDP-NP-Adelante Zamboanga coalition. The two Nunos said that they will go all out in supporting their present coalition and not the Liberal Party candidates..

“I know that Climaco has an axe to grind against me, after she and her group failed to get the support of my family in her negotiations for us to run together against the Lobregats. We made our decision whom to support and she should respect that professionally,” Nuño told newsmen.

Nuño revealed that for several occasions, Climaco and her trusted staff tried to negotiate with them but failed.    Climaco firstly sought their support during a meeting in Manila on May, this year but failed. In June 5, Mayor Beng again flew to Manila and arranged a dinner at a famous Chinese restaurant with her staff Michael Saavedra and Ecozone Chairman Christopher Arnuco, a known supporter and former staff of the mayor, to talk to Bong and her mother Lilia Nuño, but again, it did not work. And on June 16, the day former councilor Nonong Guingona died, Mayor Beng together with Liberal member and former FEBARKAZA president Art Onrubia went to the house of the Nuños in Guiwan to seek reconsideration for their support in the 2016 elections, but against the result was not favorable.

Nuño said that the truth hurts, “but they have to value their family’s word of honor when they pledged an alliance and support with the Lobregats whom they believe can lead the city better than any other self-proclaimed candidates.

Though running in separate political parties, presidentiable Mar Roxas tried his best to patch-up the Climaco-Lobregat tandem last week upon the filing of their COCs in order for them not to collide.

But the Liberal Party and the LDP coalition has agreed only to coalesce at the top level. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News