Castro agrees with Fabian on electric coops cha-cha PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 June 2011 17:47

Zamcelco Acting Manager and Project Supervisor Engr. Jesus Castro has announced plans to introduce amendments to the NEA Charter on electric cooperatives nationwide in the aftermath of the Zamcelco fiasco.

Appearing on the program Cuentas Claras hosted by 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian, Castro an incoming member of the I-Care party list in the 15th Congress, agreed with Fabian there is a need to amend some provisions of the electric cooperative’s charter.

The NEA troubleshooter disclosed the recent negative developments in Zamcelco has revealed much loopholes and antiquated provisions which need to be updated if only to make power firms like Zamcelco more relevant.

Castro said NEA’s decision to extend his tour of duty will be of no consequence to his projected move to Congress, as he views the assignment here equally important.
Being an engineer by profession and a career official over at Zamsureco before coming over, Castro thinks he could be equally relevant in helping the local power firm get back on its feet.
He agreed among the provisions of the NEA Charter on electric cooperatives, the selection process of competent officers to cooperatives’ management teams must be re tooled for better appreciation of their duties and responsibilities.

Castro expressed gratitude to all sectors for their support to Zamcelco, in light of the difficulties it is facing and trying to overcome and to Cong. Fabian who vowed to help in supporting moves in congress to amend provisions of the NEA charter on electric cooperatives nationwide.