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Sunday, 25 October 2015 16:18


A man arrested after the botched kidnapping of Dr. Armando Iturralde in Talon-Talon, was released after the City Prosecutor Office dismissed on Friday the attempted abduction charge readied by the police against him.

Kausar Atari y Maing, a native of SSB (Sibuco-Sirawai-Siocon-Baliguian) complex in Zamboanga del Norte was released from police custody following prosecutor office’s decision.

DZT gathered the prosecutor’s decision was based on the case report submitted by the police which lacks one vital element to secure conviction which is the victim’s sworn statement or deposition.

It was learned that Dr. Iturralde did not execute an affidavit of complaint which is very important in prosecuting the accused.

Atari was detained at the Tetuan Police Station after he availed of the 15-day waiver legal procedure during an inquest proceeding earlier.

Last Friday afternoon, the prosecutor office came up with a resolution dismissing the case and the accused was ordered releaseed from police custody.

To recall, on October 15 around 9 p.m. , Dr. Iturralde was attending to  his patients inside his clinic adjacent to their residence when a someone asked his assistance to see a patient aboard a multicab parked outside.

The man persuaded Iturralde to go out of the clinic to see the patient aboard the vehicle but he refused, prompting  the man to strike him with a fist blow. The physician fought back triggering a commotion.

Timely, policemen arrived in the area which  prompted the five armed men aboard the multicab to flee towards Puerto Princesa in Talon-Talon where they abandoned their vehicle before boarding two waiting pumpboats at the mangroves and sailed towards Basilan leaving the man in the clinic.

The man was later arrested hiding in an internet café near the victim’s clinic and he was identified as Kausar Atari.

Atari was also positively identified by the witnesses as the one who came out of the clinic after a commotion. – Dan Toribio Jr.