99,000 voters still have no biometrics PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 October 2015 14:05

By Bhong Simbajon


For the remaining seven days before deadline, the City Elections Office is expecting more registered voters who have yet to avail of the last minute schedule of biometrics in Centro Latino.

From 11,648 voters with incomplete or no biometrics at all last July, this year, it went down to some 99,372 voters who still have to avail of the ongoing proccess being imposed undertaken by Comelec in the said venue.

Concerned of the present situation and the possible disenfranchisement of voters, Zamboanga City House Representatives Celso Lobregat and Lilia Nuño yesterday reiterated their appeal to the public, especially those who are having problems with their biometrics data to find time to go to Centro Latino in Paseo del Mar to avail of this opportunity.

“We continue to reach out to the public thru the tri-media to please go out and complete their biometrics data, this is very necessary to ensure they can vote in the forthcoming elections which is their right,” Nuño said.

Nuño is visiting almost all barangays in District 2 to urge voters to check their biometrics, sometimes making available vehicles for voters to be able to avail of the ongoing processs of the Comelec.

Congressman Lobregat personally visited the ongoing satellite validation in Paseo del Mar yesterday and noticed the hordes of people lined up for the biometrics data.

Lobregat was able to procure the substantial data of the ongoing process in which at present some 11,459 individuals have incomplete biometrics data in District 1 and some 4,784 voters in District 2 or a total of 16,243.  Meanwhile, some 44,855 voters have incomplete biometrics data in District 1, while 38,274 voters facing the same problem in District 2 or a total of 83,129 individuals.

The solon revealed that based on the Comelec data, the top 10 barangays without biometrics data for District 1 are Calarian, Ayala, San Roque, Sinunuc, aliwasan, Campo Islam, Tumaga, Zone IV, Maasin, and Pasonanca, while in District 2 are Taluksangay,Sta. Catalina, Guiwan, Tugbungan, Tumalutab, Sangali, Talon-Talon, Mangusu, Tetuan and Tictabon.

“I would like to thank Comelec for adhering to our request during the budget hearings in Congress, that they have to send additional biometrics machine to the city due to the prevailing problem of possible disenfranchisement. I am glad the machines came,” Lobregat said.

Comelec has set the deadline at the end of this month to complete the biometrics process for them to be able to have enough time to prepare the data necessary for the upcoming automated elections in 2016.

Earlier, City Election Officer Atty. Stephen Roy Cañete told newsmen that they have already extended their working hours up to 9pm from Monday to Sunday just to cope with the huge number of voters lacking or having no biometrics data at all.

Asked about the possible extension of the dates of validation, Cañete said it is impossible for them to do so,  but it depends on the directive coming from their head office in Manila. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News