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Thursday, 29 October 2015 10:56


As in the past years, firearms, bladed weapons, selling and drinking of liquor and other similar items including gambling shall not be allowed inside the premises of public and private cemeteries during the observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, respectively.

These rules and regulations are promulgated in Executive Order 145-2015 by Mayor Beng Climaco Wednesday, October 27. The order will take effect 12am of Nov. 1 until 5pm of Nov. 2 with the purpose of obtaining order and solemnity of the occasions when thousands are expected to flock the graveyards of their departed loved ones.

The mayor likewise issued EO 146-2015 authorizing the City Police Director through the Traffic Section Chief to plan, adopt and implement temporary traffic rerouting scheme on all roads leading to public and private cemeteries also to take effect 12am of Nov. 1 until 5pm of Nov. 2.

“Huge influx of people to these cemeteries create opportunities for the sale of foods/drinks and other commodities incidental to the observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day,” the chief executive stated in her order stressing that “it has been observed that incidents of unruly/undisciplined and at times violent behavior are reported in cemeteries, thereby disturbing those who solemnly visit the graveyards of their departed loved ones.”

Based on the Executive Order, the following acts are absolutely prohibited inside all cemeteries: Bringing of firearms, bladed weapons and other similar items; bringing, selling and drinking of liquor; putting up temporary stalls and selling of foods, beverages, candles, etc. within 50 meters space leading to the entrance gates of cemeteries to ensure free and unhampered flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Playing of loud music on radio/stereo cassettes or the use of microphones or conversing in loud voices that cause disturbance/ irritants to others are strictly prohibited inside the cemetery, including any type/form of gambling. The use of firecrackers/pyrotechnics display is also prohibited inside the cemeteries.

All motor vehicles shall be parked at designated areas outside the cemetery premises, the order said.

In EO 146, Mayor Climaco stressed that it is the responsibility of the city government to see to it that traffic is smooth, orderly and convenient to the public in all roads leading to private and public cemeteries during the observance of the annual activity.

Based on the order, one way zones are declared on the following: Talon-talon cemetery – from the junction of Talon-talon Loop up to the junction of Morning Breeze Road; Tetuan Cemetery and Sta. Cruz Chinese Cemetery- one way from the intersection of Dr. Estrada and Don Toribio Streets, Tetuan up to the junction of Don Toribio and Veterans Avenue; Baliwasan Cemetery – one way from the junction of Navarro Road and San Jose Road up to the junction of San Jose and Normal Road (WMSU); San Roque Private Cemetery, San Roque Public Cemetery and Penafrancia Cemetery- one way from the intersection of San Jose Gusu and San Roque Road up to the corner of Armor Village; San Roque Chinese Cemetery- one way from the junction of San Roque and Margarita Road (Chinese Cemetery) towards Southcom Village; Sta. Maria Catholic Cemetery- streets declared as one way are De Leon St. (from junction Sta. Maria/Pasonanca Road going to Saavedra St), Saavedra St. (from junction De Leon St. up to junction Maestra Vicenta St.) and Maestra Vicenta St. (from junction Saavedra St. going to the junction Sta. Maria/Pasonanca road).

For Forest Lake (phases 1 and 2)- one way will be declared from the junction of Tumaga Road and Sunrise St. towards Lunzuran road; Mercedes old and new cemetery- one way streets will be declared in Socorro St. (from junction La Merced St. towards MCLL highway), Camino nuevo St. (from junction Socorro St. up to junction Calle San Isidro St.), Calle San Isidro (from MCLL highway up to La Merced St.) and La Merced St. (from junction Cariaga St. up to Socorro St.); Bolong Public Cemetery- one way will be declared in Purok 6 road (from MCLL highway towards Bolong Public Cemetery) and Purok 1,2,3 road (from Bolong Public cemetery exit to MCLL highway) and in Divisoria Cemetery- one way from junction MCLL highway (Cecille’s Pharmacy) towards barangay Lumiyap road to Zonta-Duncaan-Boalan road exit to MCLL highway.

The traffic aides of the city are directed to render work on the said days in close coordination with the Traffic Section of the City Police Office. The office of the City Administrator is requested to monitor compliance of the directive.

The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office Monday convened the security sector, concerned barangay officials, church officials, civic groups and other agencies to finalize preparations for the implementation of the operation plan dubbed “Oplan Alma”. — Sheila Covarrubias