Beng tells youth offenders: ‘Learn from your mistakes’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 October 2015 11:21


Mayor Beng Climaco has challenged the 31 juvenile offenders presently housed at the Children In Conflict with Law (CICL) Center in Culianan to learn from their mistake and try hard not to commit the same again.

“It is alright to make mistakes but learn from them and try your hardest not to make them again,” Climaco said in a message read for her by Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde during the opening program of the 4th Juvenile Justice Welfare Consciousness Week celebration yesterday at the CICL Center.

She told the city’s youth offenders, among them were those who participated in the Zamboanga siege, that they are not alone in their struggles as there are adults willing to help them

“Life may not be easy right now but if you persevere you can and will become exemplary members of society again,” the mayor said. “It is human to make mistakes but that does not mean that there is no hope to be better,” she added.

Climaco further challenged the children in conflict with the law to decide to become better persons regardless of the difficulties they face.

“Adversities give you strength and mistakes teach you the important lessons in life,” she said.

The chief executive reiterated that youth empowerment through education is among the priorities of her administration, believing that “if our youth have access to quality education, they will be amply equipped with the knowledge and skills to work towards a better and brighter future.”

To the elders, Climaco urged them to be responsible for the youths and “we should endeavor to mold them into peace-loving, law-abiding and responsible individuals,” without discounting the likelihood of them making mistakes.

“After all, they are at a difficult stage of their growth where everything is unclear, awkward, confusing. Given their youthfulness and inexperience, they are not armed with the maturity to make better choices and are therefore bound to slip up.” she explained.— Vic Larato