Blast at Isabela resto: Bomb, not LPG tank? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 16:22

The owner of Mon’s Kitchen believes that it was a bomb and not an LPG tank that exploded and sparked a fire that razed the restaurant in Isabela City on Saturday.
A representative of the restaurant owner told DZT and Zamboanga Today that their two LPG tanks are intact and that all signs indicate that the blast came not from the kitchen, but fromthe dining area.

This observation contradicted an earlier statement issued by Col. Alex Macario, commander of the Army’s Special Operations Task Force-Basilan (SOTF-B),  saying that the blast was not caused by a bomb but a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tank based on the reports of the SOTF-B explosive ordnance demolition (EOD) personnel.

Among those badly injured from the blast were the eatery’s personnel and customers, including a policeman manning a post outside the establishment.
Two of them were evacuated to the Zamboanga City Medical Center due to third degree burns.

When the fire was put out, at least two charred bodies were recovered.
Former Army soldier Alnizar Alonto was identified by his families by the belt he was wearing.

One of the owners of the diner, who was among those injured, said a bomb and not an LPG tank may have caused the explosion.
Probers are now eyeing such a possibility, but they are extra careful in labeling Saturday’s incident as a terror attack by usual suspects like the Abu Sayyaf Group.