Young Nuño to detractors: Where’s your evidence! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 November 2015 15:12


Show your evidence!

This curt statement came from Lilibeth Nuño, the youngest daughter of District 2 House Rep. Lilia Nuño, aimed at detractors who claimed that she was seen many times at the local Comelec and Centro Latino while voter registration was ongoing.

Lilibeth Nuño is running for councilor in the 2016 election under the LDP-NP-Adelante Zamboanga Coalition.

“Show your evidence that would prove your accusations to be true!”, Lilibeth said.

She clarified in an interview with 1116 DXAS- Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) that the only time that she was in the Comelec Office was during the last day of the filing of CoC together with the Laban ng Democratikong Pilipino party and with her mother Rep,  Lilia Nuño of the Nationalista Party.

Lilibeth added that after the filing she has been occupied with some public service works and programs for the people especially the fire victims of Talon Talon where they (LDP partymates) distributed relief goods and kitchen utensils, distribution of BP apparatus in Tetuan and Manicahan, health services to the poor and in organizing basketball cup  to the youth sector both in district 1 and district 2.

“I know there are plans and movement by some people to destroy me and my future in politics and I am prepared to confront them squarely since I know that the Zamboangueños are intelligent to stick to what they think is true and  that whoever they choose is really someone who can help the city,  has principles, and work efficiently,” Nuño said.

And as for her message to her detractors: “They have so many issues and sins to the Zamboangueños  that they need to explain and ask themselves if they have really served the city with honesty and integrity instead of focusing and destroying my image.”

Lilibeth Nuño was elected barangay kagawad in Taluksangay before she filed her CoC for councilor last October 15.