Faulty electrical wire triggers market fire PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 November 2015 13:28



Investigators from the Bureau of Fire Protection and the police disclosed that faulty electrical wiring was the cause of the fire at the old public market that killed 15 persons last Saturday.

Report said that the blaze originated from the ukay-ukay section where an electrical wire connected to the Zamcelco post emitted sparks that ignited fire around 3:15 a.m.

Stall owners who are illegal residents inside the public market said the flames quickly spread to all stalls where they were staying.

The fire victims added that the fire trucks were not able to penetrate insid as the market gates were closed.

The 15 who died and those taken to the hospitals were not able to go out of th burning stalls because they were sleeping.

The flames spread towards the mosque and other buildings inside the market.

Police and fire investigators identified those who perished in the blaze as Kayulan Hasiddin, female, 48, her husband Musal Hasiddin, male, 45, their children, Radzhata Hasiddin, female, 28, Bunay Hasiddin, male, 1, Crissamae Hasiddin, female, 3, Noynoy Hasiddin, male, 5, Nurais Hasiddin, female, 9,  Radzmer Hasiddin, male, 10; Rohilyn Hamis, female, 26, Gasper Hamis, male, 1, year old,  Abei Salahuddin, female, 40, Nurulin Salahuddin, female, 39, Algabid Salahuddin, male, 20, Marilyn Salahuddin, female, 32, and Binnas Salahuddin, male, 20.

Taken to the  Brent Hospital were Alvin Bete y Gonzales, 14, of Cabatangan, Annang Eriles y Alipuddin, 45, Normina Jamiri y Abain, 18, Yasser Jamiri y Dammang, 29, Almudzra Hamis y Aradais, 31, Midzpar Hamis y Aradais, 7, Farhana Hamis Y Aradais, 9, Benaser Hamis y Abdurakman, 32, all of Magay.

Confined at the Zamboanga City Medical Center were Abdurahman Hamis, 36, Nasria Hamis, 5, Nasmia Hamis, 9, Albini Jaani, 32, (Out Patient) and Alfredo Mana, 16, (Out Patient). – Dan Toribio Jr.