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Thursday, 05 November 2015 11:42



Warning to litterbugs: When you come to Lamitan City, be careful to read their city street notices to the public.

Lamitan City Mayor Rose U. Furigay  disclosed that Ordinance No. 2008-07 was enacted as a contribution of the city to the world to  combat climate change and the maintenance of sanity and cleanliness for the city environment.

The ordinance. created the Integrated Solid Waste Management.

City General Service Office Head Raquel Hibionada said the ordinance was planned and intiated 10 years ago by former Mayor Roderick H. Furigay who is now the vice mayor.  It includes the sourcing of budget for the implementation of the ordinance with the integrated solid waste management building at Sitio Panansangan, Barangay Ubit.

The realization of the ordinance came last year 2014 with the availability of the funds implemented by the Mayor Rose Furigay.

The ordinance prohibits dumping of garbage in public places, streets, sidewalks, canals, vacant lots and bodies of water  as well as the burning of garbages.

Mayor Furigay said that the city has a task force and law enforcers to impose penalties against violators.

Penalties are (For the business sector): First offense — P500. Second — P1,000 and attendance to a two-day Integrated Solid Waste Management orientation at the violator’s expense; third offense — suspension of business permit.

For a piece of garbage thrown — P100 fine or street cleaning for four hours or if can not pay, imprisonment of one day. For individual:  P 200 or street cleaning for eight hours. For commercial, recreational establishments: First offense — P300; second offense — P1,000, attendance in a two-day ISWM orientation at their own expense; P 200 fine for households; Individuals or street cleaning for eight hours, P1,000 for commercial, recreational establishments, institutions,etc.

The General Service Office will not also collect garbages if the household or establishment would not segregate their garbages from biodegrable and non-biodegradable. Unmaintained area/ premises penalties — P1,000. Burning of non-bio and bio waste penality is P 1,000.

Hibionada disclosed that after the proper dissemination of information, more than 30 persons have been penalized for violation of the ordinance. Some were from Zamboanga City,many from Lamitan City and one rreporter was warned. — Allen Abastillas