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Friday, 06 November 2015 11:29


October 24, 2015 serves as an important milestone in the lives of the 40 youth of Isabela, Basilan, as they were able to participate in the conduct of the training workshop sponsored by the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) - Zone IV through its President Mr. Tim Ijiran dubbed as BASILAN YOUTH FORMATION AND TEAM BUILDING. The activity’s theme was “Breaking the chains, building bridges between and among the Basilan youth” which was facilitated by the active youth volunteers all the way from Sulu.

The training/workshop started with an invocation rendered by Aldimar J. Mudjairi (Kusug Batah Sug, Inc President) followed by a welcome remarks by Dr. Jaypee Basher A.Y Hussein (Activity Coordinator). Hussein stated in his remarks that indeed the youth is the hope of the fatherland and not the headache of the society, which is why it is needed that they should bring out the best in them. Showcasing youth’s talents and potentials is one way of preparing them for a better future, Hussein added.

After the preliminaries, a game called “Itlog, Manok, Agila and Superhuman” was rendered by the youth facilitators which eventually broke the monotony between these young hopefuls. As an insight, this game showed that as a youth we should level up and fight for our right because in this life we have to risk even if we don’t know what is in store for us, a participant shared.  An orientation of the activity was rendered by the master facilitator Nash Usman Abduhadi where they were given objectives and the flow of the program.

During the getting to know you stage, the participants were divided into two groups where they were asked to throw a ball to the one standing crosswise and asked them regarding their names, name of school, hobbies and favorite song. They were also asked to render a group cheer, core values and team name as well. The teams were named as Muslim Youth Organization and Team Spirit which was facilitated by Dhemz and Adzman Hashim.

Output of the workshop on Identifying problems and possible solution were as follows:

Team 1: Muslim Youth Organization

Output on Workshop 2: Strategy vs. Activity:

Si Abdul ay ayaw mag-aral, kung ikaw ay magulang ni Abdul, ano ang iyong:



Team 1: Muslim Youth Organization:

Strategy: Kung ako ang magulang ni Abdul,, ang gagawin ko ay kukumbinsihin ko siya na mag-aral sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay sa kanya ng halimbawa ng magandang buhay.

Activity: Gagawin ko sa pagbibigay sa kanya ng tutor o di kaya ay home study.

Team 2: Team Spirit:

Strategy:  Bigyan ng sapat na panahon upang makapag isip isip

* Kausapin ng masinsinan

* Suportahan ang kinahihiligan niyang Gawain

* Idaan sa biro o kulit ang pagpapapayag sa kanya upang mag-aral


* Home studies

* Practicing their knowledge like playing mind games

Nash rendered a lecture entitled Violence, Peace and Justice where he highlighted the different types of violence, kinds of peace, definition of peace and the essence of justice. Also, he added Islamic perspectives on the said topic. Participants were very keen about the lecture and they were even enlightened by the way peace should be. After the lecture, a team building called Survivors’ Challenge where the participants were gathered outside the Isabela Lounge, PEO Hostel and were blindfolded and they were asked to find the tie that could save them after the airplane crash. This teambuilding exercise proved that as a youth, we may be blinded by what we don’t see and what the future lies but we have to struggle to survive all the challenges that may arise, a youth participant shared during debriefing.

A lecture on Youth Program Development was given by Nash where he clarified to these youngsters the different aspects they need to know about program, project, activities and proposals as they would be conducting series of initiatives in their place. A break clap spearheaded by Dhemz made the participants awake and kicking during the rest of the activities.

After the icebreaker, the participants were given another teambuilding called “Helium Hoop” where they were asked to bring down the hula hoops as their most treasured thing and the only thing that they could preserve it is to bring it down all together. “ This game exposed teamwork and camaraderie between us because we have to set one goal and that is to bring down the hula hoop, it also tested our patience as well”, a participant shared during the debriefing session.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat, otherwise known as SWOT analysis were also given to the participants. Below were the outputs of the said workshop:

Team 1: Muslim Youth Organization:


* Help other people who are in need

* Making a good advice to my team in decision


* To volunteer to an organization or to a program that can help people


* To see other people suffering from their problem

* Control of emotion


* Not to understand others’ feelings

* So childish and selfish


Team 2: Team Spirit:


* Leader of the organization

* Find solutions for the problems encountered in an organization


* When everyone doesn’t understand each other

* Bullying


* Support from the higher ups


* None

As part of the main output, the Basilan youth were able to undergo a workshop stating their Vision-Mission for the Year 2020. Below was the consolidated BASILAN YOUTH VISION-MISSION 2020:

* Vision:

By the year 2020, the Basilan youth are inspired in becoming globally competitive in serving as environmental protectors, advocates of peace and justice, through integral education and assistance in the delivery of Basic Services.

* Mission: by the year 2020 the Basilan youth, are able:

1. To strengthen our capacities and share our knowledge to our fellow youth

2. To encourage more youth to engage in youth organization

3. To assist in building better Basilan.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Timothy Ijiran (IDB President) asked the participants of what they have learned on the said Basilan Youth Formation and Team building where he recapitulated the essence of peace that is peace in the hearts, and most of all to the Almighty S.W.T. Ijiran also mentioned that this is the first time of the Basilan youth to undergo such an activity and he highlighted that there shall be follow through activities for these newly formed youths who would become instruments of any peace and development efforts in Basilan. The activity ended with the distribution of certificates and photo opportunities.