Last 2 years for Celso: ‘We will not rest, relent’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 16:26

With two years left before the end of his third term, Mayor Celso Lobregat has vowed to do his best efforts to finish what his administration has set out to do for the benefit and welfare of the constituents.

Speaking before city government officials and employees during the Monday flag raising ceremony in front of City Hall yesterday morning, Mayor Lobregat urged his fellow workers to brace for more work stressing that “so much more will be asked but remember, I do not ask anything of you that I am not ready myself, we should all lead by example”.

“We will not rest and we will not relent in our efforts. We will make sure that all the unfinished business will be accomplished”, Mayor Lobregat emphasized adding “To all the department heads, please get ready for another roller coaster year”.

June 30 (Friday) marks the end of the first year of assumption into office of all elected officials under the local government unit. It was on July 1st 2010 when 
“As I have said so much has been done, so much more to be done in the last two years,” the mayor said. During weekend, the chief executive met with officials and employees from departments concerned in the implementation of the city’s priority projects. “We were here yesterday, a Sunday, we started the meeting past 2 pm and we ended almost 12 midnight. That is the way it will be for the next two years,” he declared.

Mayor Lobregat’s first term was concentrated on fixing the budget while the second term was focused on the implementation of massive infrastructure program and the acceleration of basic services. In his third term, the mayor is bent to accomplish more and to complete all unfinished business. — Sheila Covarrubias