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Saturday, 07 November 2015 11:59


In its attempt to strengthen the essence of Islam religion and contribute to the holistic growth of the society, the Youth Advocacy Team-Sulu, otherwise known as YATS, a pool of young advocators for peace, development, education, health, religion and other basic services, spearheaded the distribution of Khitab in the different schools, mosques and madrasas in Sulu.

YATS is an advocacy team purposely formed to intensify information dissemination regarding youth programs and projects in Sulu that is assisted and with support from the Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO) Inc. The distribution of khitab is made possible with sponsorship from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Graduates IGA Zone IV, through its President Mr. Tim Ijran,  Hon. Abdusakur “Toto” A. Tan II (Governor of Sulu), Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan (Vice Governor of Sulu) and other partners.

On October 15, 2015, the Kankitap Consumers Cooperative-Youth Council (KCC-YC),  a member of the YATS distributed the Khitab to at least 40 recipients in Patikul, Sulu. The Khitab was not only given to the youth but also to the elders of the KCC-YC. Some of the parents brought with them the Khitab and committed to teach their children on how to perform wudu (ablution) and “salah” (prayer).

According to Ben, a KCC member, they distributed the Khitab to their fellow KCC members because they would like to expand and share the knowledge of Islam to our fellow members. “We do this not because of requirements but because we sincerely wanted to further gain knowledge and help among youth to improve and wider their knowledge”, Ben added. Aside from this, as Muslim, we would want to pursue being a Muslim brethren because nowadays, people forget their obligatory that is the remembrance of Allah S.W.T. he ended.

On the evening of the same date, the Youth Alliance for Peace and Security (YAPS) conducted the distribution of Khitab with actual demonstration at Madrasa Al Dabbagh, Patikul, Sulu.  A competition on reading the Qur’an and Azaan was made which highlighted the said event. Selected madrasa pupils sang a song entitled “Bulan sin Islam” (Hijrah or the Islamic calendar) as way of thanking the organizers for the Khitab that was given to them.

On the next day, October 16, 2015, another youth organizations under the banner of YATS conducted the distribution of Khitab, the Muslim Student Associations (MSA) Mindanao State University Chapter in partnership with the Rapapeopz Clan and College of Education in MSU. At least 200 senior COED students from MSU Sulu were rendered khitab. Sheikh Margani Abdurahman, Markadz Al Idztihad, gave a lecture entitled “The Significance of wu’du (ablution) and sambahayang (prayer)”. A demonstration on the proper ways of performing ablution and prayer was done which highlighted the event.

On October 17, 2015, the Sulu Photograpeace Club (SPC) also conducted its distribution of Khitab at Masjid Tabiya,Upper SanRaymundo,Jolo, Sulu  and  Madrasatu At-tarbiya Al-Islamiya. A total of 60 khitabs were distributed to the students of the madras and its jamaah. “It is an important step of the youth of today to have a —meaningful activity like this—that is distribution of khitab, hope that there would be more youth like you who would be inspired by what you are doing for the sake of Islam, magsukul”, a madrasa coordinator expressed to the SPC during the said distribution.

Sulu Youth Active Responsible Alliance (SYA-RA) distributed khitab on October 20, 2015 at Kasanyangan Elementary School located at Kasanyangan Village, Jolo, Sulu.  A short program was made which was attended by 36 participants from Grade 6 with Mrs. Jihada Amil Alih as the adviser. An actual demonstration of wudu and sambahayang was led by Alhuzain Yusop, SYA-RA member and Montasar K.Bari (SYA-RA founder) respectively.

The Movement to Victory Group (MVG), also a proud member of the YATS who belong to the Security and Coordination Committee also conducted their distribution of khitab at Don Jose Godinez Elementary School, Upper San Raymundo, Jolo, Sulu on October 22, 2015. The event was attended by almost 191 participants that were facilitated by 11 facilitators from the MVG. The khitab were distributed to the elementary pupils purposely for them to be aware of the essence of ablution and prayer while at their young age.

The Committee on Peace and Development of YATS known as the Sulu Youth Peace Volunteers (SYPV) conducted its distribution at Madrasa  Al-hidaya in Barangay Silangkan, Parang, Sulu on October 24, 2015. Around 75 pupils were given khitab with Aboh Dayang Laling as the adviser. Faizal Jainal lectured on the content of the khitab and pupils actively participated and interacted with the lessons that were imparted to them. Almasir Adilon, the External Vice President of the SYPV demonstrated on the proper wudu and sambahayang. Matarul I. Arri (Coordinator) rendered an inspirational message stating that it is imparting Islamic knowledge and values to the learners that counts the most. He also thanked the organizers for the khitab that were given which is of great help to the madrasa and its pupils.

Lastly, the Smartexters Organization (Committee on Education, YAPS member) delivered at least 50 khitab at Madrasatu Nurul Hidaya,Barangay Andalan,Omar, Sulu on October 31, 2015. The recipients were 15 elders and 35 young ones respectively. Madrasa teachers  Zeyad Indanan warmly accepted the khitab as they thanked the sponsors  for giving them such powerful pamphlets.  Mr. Ismael expressed that “ Magsarang sukul tuud kami sin tatabangan khitab hantangan sin pag ayil iban pagsambahayang. Malagguh tuud in ikatabang sin kitab ini pa manga batah  lubah labi na pa manga kabudjangan iban kasubulan amuin nagguguna tuud humati sin pag ayil iban pagsambahayang ha labay piyanghinduh tuud sin Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. salawat iban salam kaniya”, ( We would like to extend our thanks to the help in giving us khitab on ablution and prayer. This is of big help to the next generation especially the young people  who needs to know the essence of ablution and prayer based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (Peace be upon him).

Indeed the distribution of khitab convinced that pagsambahayang (prayer) is a superb obligation of every Muslim brother. The distribution was purposely made to enlighten the importance of prayer in particular and to strengthen the Islamic faith of said recipients in general.

“The youth of today has a say in the society, lest we must not forget that prayer would not lead them astray.” — Nash Usman Abduhadi (Youth Coordinator)

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