Tugbungan officials undergo drug test after arrest of brgy treasurer PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 November 2015 13:12


Officials of Barangay Tugbungan led by no less than Chairman Agustin Graciano submitted themselves for a voluntary drug testing Wednesday to prove that they are not involved in such illegal activities, contrary to public perception.

The result yielded negative vis a vis substance abuse for those who submitted themselves to drug testing from Graciano himself, to the barangay kagawads, tanods, and other job orders working in the barangay of Tugbungan.

This  after the arrest of Barangay Treasurer Jonash Jubaira last Tuesday afternoon by operatives of Tetuan Police Station led by Police Supt. Nonito Asdai in a legitimate buy-bust operation.

Asdai said they have followed the proper procedures in the arrest of Jubaira after several weeks of surveillance and test buy procedures.

Aside from possession of illegal drugs, the suspect is also facing another predicament for possession of a firearm and ammunition as well as  in his alleged claim that he is a PDEA agent which when verified by authorities, Jubaira is not in any way connected with the agency.

In an interview over RMN Zamboanga, Graciano said that right after the arrest of his treasurer, they were flooded with allegations via text messages, accusing them as collaborators and tolerating the illegal drug activities within their premises involving several barangay officials from their driver, tanods and kagawads.

“We should not judge the book by its cover, all these allegations are untrue, that’s why we have submitted ourselves for drug test to prove to the people of Zamboanga that the fault of one is not the fault of everybody,” Graciano stressed.

Graciano said he can never deny the fact that due to the volume of responsibilities given him, he wasn’t able to monitor closely the movements of his people in the barangay hall, but whatever is the personal disposition of his treasurer, was indeed, a personal decision and not the fault of everybody.

He said that he himself has asked Jubaira about what had happened when accosted by police authorities in his residence, and Graciano claimed that during their conversation, Jubaira revealed to him that he (Jubaira) is an asset of PDEA which was also subject for verification.

“We have received prior unconfirmed report about his involvement in drug deals, but since he claimed to us earlier that he was an asset of the authorities concerned, we also believed him, because he possessed an  identification card,” Graciano said.

Amidst the situation, Graciano will be calling an emergency session in the barangay anytime to discuss the possible appointment of another person to replace Jubaira from his vital functions as treasurer in order not to affect the daily transactions of their barangay.

Graciano also thanked RMN Zamboanga for its fairness in treating this controversial issue involving the Tugbungan barangay  at present.

“We thanked RMN Zamboanga’s credibility and fairness in dealing with this issue, you gave us time to answer and defend ourselves, unlike others who have already judged us and have accused us of being involved in such and have tolerated the same within our backyard,” Graciano said.

Due to this controversy, no less than Mayor Beng Climaco directed Barangay Affairs officer Art Onrubia to coordinate with barangay officials to remind them of their great responsibilities, as well as liabilities when being involved in such vices and illegal drug-related activities in their respective barangays. – Bhong Simbajon/ RMN News