Celso to warring politicians: ‘Please spare Zambo City’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 17:13

Concerned about the spate of shooting incidents in the city, Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday sounded the call anew for all out-of-town politicians to spare Zamboanga City from their political strife or conflict.

The chief executive issued the appeal in the wake of reports that some incidents, such as the San Roque shooting Monday morning are results of rido or warring factions among politicians from the nearby provinces.

“I am appealing to all warring factions and politicians from other places, please do not bring to Zamboanga your political strife,” the mayor said in an interview over radio station RPN-DXXX yesterday morning.  “Ta pidi gayot yo con ustedes, este maga politico de otro lugar, please spare Zamboanga”.

The police suspect politics to be one of the motives in the early morning gun attack on former Maimbung, Sulu Mayor Najib Maldisa and his wife in barangay San Roque. The former mayor was killed while undergoing treatment and his wife Mufaida was wounded but out of danger.

Police consider Mufaida’s testimony as a key to the solution of the crime, as no other witnesses would like to testify regarding the incident.
Mayor Lobregat lamented that Zamboanga City time and again become a venue for out of town politicians who turn on each other to settle old scores. He said the problem in the San Roque incident is
that nobody wants to talk to the authorities which means to say that some people opt to take the law into their own hands rather than allow due process take its course.

On the other hand, the mayor expressed relief that police have collared the suspects in the shooting incident in Tetuan, also Monday morning, that killed a former barangay tanod and wounded the former chairman—all of barangay Zambowood.

The chief executive said the police have always been on their toes in resolving and curbing crime incidents whether those involved are politicians or not or officials or not. “Whether the victim sare politicians or non-politicians, officials or ordinary citizens, the police, per instructions, have to get to the bottom of the case, investigate thoroughly and solve the crime”, the mayor stressed.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lobregat likewise appealed for public support and cooperation in helping curb crime incidents stressing that police authorities, with limited number, cannot guard every inch of the city every time. — Sheila Covarrubias