New Zamcelco GM accepts challenge: ‘I’m not afraid’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 11:42


Newly-appointed Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) Officer-In-Charge General Manager Engr. Edgardo Ancheta on Tuesday  said he accepts the appointment by the Board of Directors with great challenge.

Ancheta said he is not afraid of this challenge as he ready to take the responsibility as given to him through the appointment of the board to spearhead the top position in Zamcelco.

“I am an insider, my 29 years of experience in this job will speak for itself. My plan is just to continue my job here having a good rapport with my fellow employees and the top management of our local electric cooperative, “ Ancheta said.

He said there are a lot of lessons learned in the past management after the ouster of Engr. George Ledesma, and he is certain to take note of these challenges which he will face in the coming days.

The continuation of his services in an OIC capacity, Ancheta said, will not in a way become a hindrance in pursuing the goals of the cooperative.

“What I can be proud of  is that, since I rose from the ranks, I have a good relationship with my subordinates,  and I don’t think it will be hard to deal with them following the needed consultation, cooperation and coordination, as well as with the BOD members,” Ancheta said.

Upon receipt of the memorandum from the recently concluded Board Meeting of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) last Monday afternoon, NEA Board Resolution No.150 designated Engr. Edgardo F. Ancheta as the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of Zamcelco. As such, he was authorized by NEA to perform the day to day functions of a General Manager, such as signing of checks and other banking requirements effective immediately.

NEA said the powers granted to Ancheta do not include those that are policy-determining and discretionary in nature, such as the power to hire, transfer, discipline and fire coop personnel. However, such power may be delegated to the OIC through a Board Resolution, subject to NEA’s confirmation.

As well, Ancheta shall not be entitled to additional compensation, except the allowances being enjoyed by a general manager such as representation/reimbursable allowances and per diem for attendance to board meetings.

Ancheta is also authorized by NEA to designate an OIC for Institutional Services Department (ISD), his former designated department, for him to focus on the entire operations of the cooperative.

“My principle is, more heads are better than one, so I submit myself for a consultation or seek the opinions of those top officials who can assist me in managing this cooperative, basically, everybody’s support as well,” Ancheta added.

Engr. Ancheta said the problems confronted by the previous management will be faced by him squarely, like the hindrances in decision-making, problem solving, human relations as well as institute an open communication to everybody who are working in the embattled electric cooperative.

“I am not promising anything, but I will do my very best to serve our member consumers who are expecting a lot from the management, as well as try to address the seven key management problems confronted by the cooperative at present,”Ancheta.

Relative to the designation of Engr. Ancheta as OIC-GM, NEA also furnished the Zamcelco board their resolution No.148,series of 2015, terminating Engr. George Ledesma as the Probationary effective immediately and upon confirmation form NEA.

The decision of the NEA board terminating the services of Ledesma was based on the evaluation of his accomplishments as General Manager of Zamcelco, done by the Committee on the Evaluation of his performance which showed the following: Unfavorable remarks on the disposition of Cash General Funds, Unfavorable Average in the Collection Period, Unfavorable Collection Efficiency, Unfavorable Profitability, Unfavorable Networth, Unfavorable Systems Loss, Unfavorable Net Margin. Hence, in view of th foregoing facts, NEA hereby confirms their resolution terminating Engr. Ledesma as Probationary General Manager  as concurred by NEA Administrator Editha Bueno.

As this developed, Zamcelco President Hj. Omar Sahi said they have high expectation from the new OIC-GM saying that since he came from the ranks of the cooperative, Ancheta should know better the management and the direction of this losing institution.

Sahi said that the board will be there to guide Ancheta with proper consultations, conduct a gradual evaluation in his day to day activities as well as in addressing all the concerns of the cooperative, especially in the problems of systems loss and power in-efficiency.

Ancheta was already introduced by the Board in its employees assembly yesterday. — Bhong Simbajon/RMN News