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Friday, 20 November 2015 13:37



Brigada Eskwela was borne out of the need to address the challenges of public school education in the Philippines. Its simple mission is cleaning up and beautifying public schools to prepare for the opening of classes. Though simple it may seem Lepidaptera Torres Villanueva, also dubbed as the “butterfly” principal,  took it as an opportunity to be part of the solution to the challenges of the education system in the country.

Villanueva is the dynamic principal of Putik Central School and as uniquely as her name suggests (Lepidaptera means Butterfly or Mariposa in Chavacano). She has added a new meaning to the Filipino concept of unity (Bayanihan). Her collaborative efforts to gather volunteers and encourage not only school personnel to participate but also all the members of the community, including parents and students was a remarkable success. As a schoot administrator, she ensures the welfare of the children and teachers and builds genuine relationships with the stakeholders. She also makes sure that every voice is heard and she acts fairly. She is an achiever for she is a leader by example.

She welcomed everyone to contribute, big or small, to this worthy endeavor thus with her leadership and guidance, Putik Central School was awarded as BRIGADA ESKWELA CHAMPION for three consecutive school years — SY 2013-2014, SY 2014-2015 and SY 2015- 2016 — making the school as Hall of Famer. She made it consistently, as a result making her the MOST OUTSTANDING PRINCIPAL in Zamboanga City, a recognition she modestly received during the World Teacher’s Day celebration last October 04, 2015 held at Garden Orchid Hotel.

In addition to this, she will be receiving another prestigious award, the NATIONAL BRIGADA ESKWELA HALL OF FAME AWARD on November 25,2015 in Pasay City.

Her headship brought honor and pride to the humble city of flowers. And like a “butterfly”, her vivacious personality brings life in the community at all times. One will definitely hear good things about her whether coming from a person who knew her personally or one way or another got acquainted with her.

Principal Villanueva’s leadership of bringing people together is an epitome that if we are willing, we can become a part of the change that we want to see.