Beng calls on young teachers to aspire to be better persons PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 November 2015 11:47



Mayor Beng Climaco directed young professional teachers to aspire to be better persons in preparation for their roles as caretakers of the young and providers of quality education to the children of Zamboanga.

Drawing from her experience as a teacher and a guidance councilor, Climaco took the time to give the new crop of elementary and secondary school teachers words of wisdom and encouragement in two separate batches of the Professional Enhancement for Teachers (PET) program this month.

“I want you to reflect on your roles as teachers,” Climaco told the participating teachers of the local government-initiated program whose objective is to equip public school teachers in their role as a role-model and mentor in the community.

She also tasked the participating teachers to always be aware of their influence on the minds of young children, underscoring the need for professionalism and integrity in their work.

“You have a very special mission and whatever happens to our pupils, lie in our hands,” she said.

The PET program is a joint undertaking of the City Government and the Division of City Schools in aimed to better equip teachers as providers of quality education. The training is done by batches.  —Jasmine Mohammadsali