Celso excites folks at Sinubueños fest PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 November 2015 11:22

Fun-filled activities marked the presentation of CELSO NIGHT at the SINUBUEÑOS FESTIVAL 2015 at barangay Sinubong on Friday, November 20.

Barangay Chairman Rolando M. Soler, the Barangay Council and the Christ the King Christian Community Officers of Sinubong invited District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat to host and sponsor the 5th Night of the Sinubong Mini-Fonda.

Lobregat turned the night into a fun-filled activity to the delight of a large crowd that attended the presentation which was in commemoration of the Christ the King Fiesta on Nov. 22.

Congressman Lobregat was joined by Councilors Noning Biel, Ismael Musa, Myra Paz Valderoza Abubakar, former Councilor Rudy Lim, San Roque Barangay Chairman Joselito Macrohon, and former Campo Islam Barangay Chairman Haj Sandag.

Chairman Soler expressed his gratitude to Congressman Lobregat and recalled that even since the time of then Mayor Maria Clara L. Lobregat, barangay Sinubong has been blessed with so many projects. Chairman Soler cited that the land where the Barangay Hall and the Sinubong National High School is located was purchased during the time when Maria Clara Lobregat was the Mayor of Zamboanga City. And the Barangay Hall and Covered-court were constructed during the administration of then Mayor Celso Lobregat.

Soler continued that now Celso is the representative of the 1st District of Zamboanga City, Sinubong continues to receive projects from the National Government such as the Mountain View-Sinubong road.

“El barangay Sinubong dol ADOPTED ya del maga Lobregat cay tiempo pa di Ma’am Caling, mucho maga proyecto ya resibi diaton barangay”, Soler told Lobregat and the large audience attending the presentation.

The CELSO NIGHT concluded with the awarding of trophies and cash prizes to the winners of the different sports events that highlighted the SINUBUEÑOS FESTIVAL that ended with the Barangay Fiesta on the 22nd. — Jubels Santos