Marines to guard IDPs new homes PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 11:36


Mayor Beng Climaco has requested the presence of the Philippine Marines to temporarily secure the completed homes slated for internally displaced persons (IDPs) under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R) Plan.

The request was initiated by Climaco in light of reports of finished yet unturned over housing units being inhabited by families without proper guidance and turnover from the National Housing Authority (NHA) to the local government.

“We requested the presence of the Marines to occupy these facilities because if these are occupied without proper turnover, lugi el maga beneficiaries kay baka algun dia ay keda alyi el maga hente na hinde gale sila el proper beneficiaries,” said Climaco Monday, November 23, in her press briefing to the media.

The completed housing units await proper acceptance and turnover procedures pending the installation of sanitation facilities and access to utilities.

The acceptance of completed houses under the Z3R is subject to the recommendation of the City Health Office, City Engineer’s Office, and the City Planning and Development Office, and with guidance from the City Legal Office.

Climaco said the local government is particular in accepting and facilitating turnovers of housing projects, reiterating the LGU’s stand to have housing units comply with sanitation laws and standards before they are accepted and turned over to beneficiaries. — Jasmine Mohammadsali