Beng warns youth vs pre-marital sex PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 November 2015 11:16


Mayor Beng Climaco reminded the city’s youth to be careful in acting on their urges of attraction towards members of the opposite sex as engaging in sexual activities may lead to complications one may be ill-equipped to face.

Speaking during the “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Summit” held last Monday, the mayor told teen participants that while sex is normal, engaging in it entails responsibilities that a young person may not be ready or capable to bear.

“Sex is part of our biological needs. When you reach your teenage years and onceyour body changes, we start becoming attracted towards the other sex. This is part of our biological process as individuals because that is how we were created,” the mayor said, explaining that when reproductive age is reached a male and female copulate to reproduce.

The problem, she expounded, is when two individuals who are clearly not ready and capable to bear new life prematurely engage in sexual activities unmindful of the consequences.

“Teenagers by nature should not rear a child because you are still in the process of finding for yourself how you will develop – whether male, female, bisexual, transsexual, gay or lesbian. That is really part of the process,” she told participants.

Looking back to her years as a high school teacher, Climaco said teenagers are still finding their identity: “How can you rear a child out of your womb when you yourselves are still finding out who you really are?”

Climaco likewise stressed that would-be parents need a certain level of maturity to be able to carry the responsibilities of rearing a child. “Hinde pa vosotros perfectly mature because you have not reached the level of adulthood.”

Because teenage parents still lack the psycho-emotional maturity and the mental capability to carry a child, the mayor said, having a baby can be a burden both to the baby’s parents and grandparents.— Claudine Uniana