Fabian sponsors reading corner at City High Main PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 June 2011 14:11

The great virtue of learning through reading must be propagated to the young people in their relentless search for knowledge to become better and productive members of society.
This was the gist of the message delivered by District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian during the formal signing of a memorandum of understanding last Tuesday afternoon his congressional office, the Zamboanga City High School Main and leading newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer establishing the Inq spot in the beneficiary school.

Under his sponsorship, the school will formal have a newspaper reading corner where the Inquirer will provide newspaper copies to the school in its library for students to read.
The program aims to give students of schools nationwide an opportunity to stay abreast of latest developments by way of providing newspapers on a regular weekly basis.

On hand to witness the occasion were top officials of the school led by Dra. Felisa Munar, principal, Inquirer officials led by Edwin Sacramento, the distribution manager and Karl Victor Sumbeling, PDI’s business development officer for Mindanao.

Fabian, an ardent crusader for better education opportunities, said the program will benefit  close to 9,000 students of the Zamboanga City High School main campus in Tetuan.
Reading newspapers he noted is on the decline among youngsters that the youth these days are rarely in touch with the latest developments around them.

Dr. Munar, in her short remarks during the program, praised Cong. Fabian for his continuing efforts to improve the lot of students especially in public schools.
Zamboanga City High school has been a recipient of various donations from the congressional office by way of IT equipment and supplies in the past from Fabian’s congressional office.
She expressed gratitude for the latest facility made available to the school acknowledging this will help students keep abreast of the latest news here, in the national scene and overseas.