Beng bullish on new Wesmincom chief PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 November 2015 11:17


Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed confidence the designation of Maj. Gen. Mayoraldo dela Cruz as chief of the Western Mindanao Command will enhance the artillery capability of the military in this part of the country.

“Our expectation is that the expertise of General Mayoraldo will be able to enhance the military’s capability, in particular the armored personnel carriers (APCs) for patrol in Zamboanga City,” Climaco said of the new Westmincom chief, citing his background in the artillery and logistics division that takes charge of the APCs.

The chief executive wants to the APCs be used in patrol in the city though not on a regular basis, “but just for the people to know we have on standby APCs that are logistically equipped and ready for use in the city.

“This, we want because the city government is extending its full support and assistance to the military and the police right now,” she said.

Meanwhile, Climaco has asked for clarification on whom to coordinate, whether the Army or the Marines, with the creation of the Joint Task Group (Zambasulta) under Col. Arthur Pio of the Marines, and the existing Task Force Zamboanga currently under the Army.

“We want to know because it creates confusion in the local government unit (on whom to coordinate). They have to explain and put it in writing,” she said during Monday’s press briefing in City Hall.

Climaco said she was told last week that the Army might be transferred to another area in Mindanao. “So, my question is who will head the Task Force Zamboanga? Will it be Army or Marines?” — Vic Larato