Beng banners city’s vision of e-gov center at ICT gab PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 November 2015 11:16


Mayor Beng Climaco boasted of the city government’s ambitious plan to establish an e-governance center, a step that would leapfrog Zamboanga City’s development into becoming an information and communications technology (ICT) hub in Western Mindanao region.

Speaking at the ICT Mindanao Summit yesterday, Mayor Climaco said her administration is pushing for an e-governance center whereby Zamboangueños far and wide can communicate with the city government using the social media like the email, facebook and twitter without having to go through the rigors of travel to City Hall.

This, she stressed, is in live with the city’s vision to deliver free, fast and efficient public service to promote participatory governance by maximizing the use of modern communications technology, especially in responding to emergency situations and disasters, to prevent death.

Part of the plan is also to establish the technology-enhanced emergency command center patterned after that of the United States’ 911 command system.

However, the chief executive admitted that such is an ambitious plan that needs huge investment on the part of the local government. “This can only be realized if we have the financial resources.”

In the meantime, Climaco pointed out that the city government heavily relies on its human resource, which has already reached the 45% ceiling mandated by the Department of Budget in Management (DBM).

After all, she reasoned out, the greatest resource the city could have is its workforce, the human resource, and no amount of technology can ever replace the human brains’ capacity.

“I still believe that the greatest capital of the city is our human resource. Human resource matters is what matters to us,” Climaco said, explaining further that no matter how much investment is put in technology “if you don’t have the human capacity it will always be lacking.

She cited the need for human brains fused with technology. “Thus, we dream of building a public safety and security command center that will integrate all resources that we have.”— Vic Larato