2 sisters backed by PDP-Laban for top posts in Sulu 2016 poll PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 December 2015 13:42

The PDP-Laban has recently endorsed Hadja Amna Sali Macalangcom as candidate for mayor in Lugus, Sulu.

Hadja Amna, 53, is  a prominent businesswoman who belongs to a wealthy family whose vision is to turn her island hometown into haven of economic progress and development.

She was officially nominated by PDP-Laban Deputy Secretary General Benito Ranque, who personally came to Zamboanga City to proclaim all presidential standardbearer Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte-led party candidates in Zamboanga Peninsula and Basulta during a gathering on Nov. 28, 2015  at Aristocrat Luncheonnete and Restautant in Canelar.

Hadja Amna filed her certificate of candidacy for Lugus, Sulu mayor on Oct. 15, 2015. She is being strongly supported by townfolks and many local leaders as well as business and religious communities in Sulu’s second district.

Running for vice-mayor is her sister Hadja Dzubaida Sali Abdul, who is also being supported by Duterte’s PDP-Laban and endorsed strongly by their family and local supporters. She was likewise officially endorsed by the party Sec. Gen. She is 51.

Considered as “unifiers” of their people, the sisters vowed to institute needed reforms under the core principles and policies of the PDP-Laban platform of governance.

A midwife- nurse by profession, mayoralty bet Hadja Amna believes in the need for change for the betterment of her impoverished and marginalized people.       “That’s why I am running because I have to listen to the clamor and sentiments of our constituents,” Hadja Amna stressed. She is married to Engr. Yusuf Khandie Macalangcom, a businessman who hails from Lanao.

Vice mayoralty bet Hadja Dzubaida, presently engaged in conventional family business, is a medical technologist who had worked abroad in Hamad Medical Corp. Qatar for 7 years after being connected with the DOH She  has also decided to thrown her candidacy for the same objective. Haj. Dzubaida is married to Hadji Cid Sangkula Abdul, grandson of Maas Jana Sangkula, of the Sangkula clan of Parang, Sulu, who used to be chief medical technologist at the Integrated Provincial Health office in Sulu.

Tandem (sisters), whose forebears were respected public servants, successful businessmen and religious leaders and pioneering educators since the early 60s, vowed to elevate the living conditions of people and institute peace through unity and Islamic morality.

Like their father, the well known “Mastal Dakulah” the late Abdultalib Sali, public school teacher and their late mother the Hadja Fatima Irilis Sali (wealthy entrepreneur), the duo vowed to continue her advocacy and legacy of her parents.

Their maternal great grandfather was the respectable Panglima Rugasan or better known as “El Presidente”, who served for 45 years as leader of the island dating back to the pre-Philippine Republic, whose son Irilis became the mayor of the place for over 30 years as mayor. Mayor Irilis (Amna’s maternal grandfather) had also served public-spiritedly the constituents, when Ta-pul and Lugus Islands were one municipality at that time.  Another son Hadji Alawi also became a mayor and served until the separation of the twin islands into separate municipalities under the Marcos regime by way of legislation. While another maternal uncle Hadji Butlangan was also elected vice-mayor.

Proud of his integrity, their paternal grandfather the late Hadji Sali, who was a wealthy businessman (Haciendero and entrepreneur) while at the same time, considered among the first educators recognized in the province whose father is the first cousin of Western Mindanao Grand Mufti Ustadz Abdulbaki Abukakar.

Both believe that under the leadership of Duterte a new beginning will usher not only for Lugus and Sulu, but for the entire country which is in dire need for change. Uplift living condition of people by addressing puberty thru livelihood and entrepreneurship, they emphasized,

As business leaders, they have pioneered establishments of small –medium stall-owners associations in various malls in Metro Manila, Zamboanga and Jolo and taking the lead in construction and renovations of mosques in Muslim communities in many parts of the country.

Jinggoy Sali, a local resident said reform can only be possible if there is complete change of leadership to pave the way for alternative solutions to our woes and to face the challenge ahead.