500 evacuees return to Bangui-ngui, Sulu PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 16:53

BANGUI-NGUI, Sulu – In his desire to improve the local economy and living condition of  his constituents here, Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla has asked some 500 individuals who fled  the village of  Sigumbal  in this town four years ago,  to  return to their village and renew their activities in fishing and sea farming.

Mayor Sahidulla said that through the help of some respected personalities of this town, he was able to convince the evacuees, after few months of negotiations to return here with their respective family on Saturday.

Sahidulla shouldered the fare expenses of the returnees from Zamboanga City to  this municipality on Saturday and also extended them financial help for their expense  including food provisions  for them to use for the next few day.

The mayor believes that with the return of the fishermen and sea farmers here,  the fishing and  sea farming industry will now start to boom.

He expressed confidence that the fishing and sea farming industry will play a major  contribution to the improvement of the local industry and  economy  here.

“Their return here is essential, because, these people can help the local government  here propel and improve the local industry and economy,”  the town chief executive here said.

Their return here will also increase the local trade and commerce activities in this town considering that they are fishermen and cultivators of agar-agar, he said.

Most of those who fled their homes in 2007 have stayed and lived in Zamboanga  City, and have  engaged in marginal fishing to feed their families.

Sahidulla said police and military authorities here have also guaranteed him that they will help ensure the safety of the returnees.

The evacuees said Zamboanga City is not a place  for them to live in because they are experiencing difficulty in meeting their daily needs.

“The price of commodities are vey high and we do not have that much money to meet the daily  needs of our family,” they said.

The returnees flee their home in 2007 after  lawless elements  led by Commanders Jawang,  Sarahan and  Bantil attacked  Barangay Sigumbal, burned houses, a Protestant church and sprayed with automatic gunfire’s the town hall. — Nonoy E. Lacson