Beng cites women’s impact in 57th Liberal Int’l confab PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 16:54

House Deputy Speaker for Mindanao Beng Climaco has rallied liberal leaders and policy makers from around the globe to stay united and continue in upholding women’s rights and as well as giving importance to human rights freedom and liberty.

Speaking before participants to the Liberal International 57th Congress in Manila recently, Cong. Climaco said the holding of the global confab in the Philippines is an “affirmation of our country’s global position in upholding women’s rights and its hard work to fulfill basic human rights in all social and economic spheres”.

“Our tradition and our beliefs as liberal leaders and policymakers bind us all together today. It makes us realize that we are not just a mere collection of global leaders, speaking various languages and coming from diverse cultural communities, of skin colors and races, but we are united as one world amidst our differences because we all value human rights, freedom and liberty”, the House Deputy Speaker said stressing that if united liberal leaders can bring about ripple effect in the global community and push frontiers forward for a better world.

The Congress, hosted by the Liberal party of the Philippines and co-organized by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty Philippines Office, had Human Rights and Trade as its focus of discussion from June 16-20.

Cong. Climaco in her message cited the strong need to ensure the promotion of the rights and welfare especially of migrant women regardless of their work status and their protection against discrimination in wages, conditions of work and employment opportunities in host countries.

“We also need to share the responsibility of finding wayso n promoting skills and entrepreneurship development including employment opportunities for women and rigorously undertake and disseminate gender analysis of policies sand programs”, the lady solon stressed. 

Together, global leaders and policy makers, she said can take steps on policy direction that could help “address the ills of our social system and make it democratic and open avenues for socio-economic development that is sustainable, accessible and inclusive for all.”

The congresswoman cited the history of recognizing women’s rights in the Philippines starting from the time of Gabriela Silang, the first Filipino woman to lead a revolt during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines to the time of her grandmother, Dona Isabelle Cortez Climaco, who was an active member of the Suffragist movement that was influential in the passage of Republic Act 2711 in 1935 and who championed the women’s cause and the right to vote.

The Philippine government, she said, has passed a number of laws recognizing the role of women, notable of which is Republic Act No. 6725 which prohibits discrimination with respect to terms and conditions of employment solely on the basis of sex and Republic Act No. 7192 also known as the Women in Development and Nation Building Act, which promotes the integration of women as full and equal partners in development and nation-building.

The most recent piece of legislation approved by the Philippine government is the Magna Carta of Women – RA 9710, which Cong. Climaco is one of the principal authors. The law ensures equality among men and women; provides opportunities for empowerment and the highest protection available for women; affirms women’s rights as human rights; provides necessary mechanisms to enforce and guarantee realization of these rights and recognizes right of women to be involved in the country’s policy formulation.

The participants to the Congress came from various parts of the world such as Sri-Lanka, Sweden, South Africa, Malaysia, Burma, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Honduras, Hongkong, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Andorra, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Romania, US, Macedonia, Lebanon, Morocco, Catalonia, Senegal, Beligium, Thailand and Philippines. — Marvin Segura