Lab test: Isabela resto blast caused by bomb PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2011 16:59

The Zamboanga City Police Office’s Bomb Squad yesterday confirmed that it was an improvised explosive device (IED-incendiary bomb) that exploded at a restaurant in Isabela City that killed three people and wounded 12 others last Saturday afternoon.

The confirmation contained in a report prepared by the Bomb Squad which was substantiated with laboratory results on the soil sample that was taken from the blast site and several other bomb components recovered by bomb experts during a post blast investigation.

Sr. Insp. Cesar Memoracion, chief of the Bomb Squad, disclosed that based on the laboratory test, the soil sample taken from the blast site has traces of trinitrotoluene (TNT), a high explosive powder.
Memoracion said the IED-incendiary bomb was made up of 1.2 kilogram of TNT and it was detonated through a cellular phone.

The bomb expert added that the explosive device used in the restaurant attack was also mixed with nails measuring 1 inch and 2.5 inch and gasoline.
The bomb was similar to other bombs that exploded in Zamboanga City like the one in Puericulture Center several years ago. 
Memoracion said the bomb has an impact of 400 meters per second and was considered powerful.

The Bomb Squad report said that after the bomb exploded, it was followed by a big fire as some of the LPG tanks also blew up.
Based on ocular inspection of the blast site, bomb experts also recovered one burnt cellular phone LCD, burnt cellular phone key pad cover, cellular phone speaker, resistor with 200 ohms, cellular phone key pad, burnt improvised printed circuit board, one variable, relay, two pieces of 1 inch concrete nails, and one 2.5 inch common nail..

Moreover, the bomb experts found a crater on the concrete floor caused by the explosion. It measures 43 centimeter in diameter and 17 centimeter in depth.
An earlier report quoted Col. Alex Macario, commander of the Army’s Special Operation Task Force based in Basilan, to have said that the explosion was caused by LPG tank leak inside the restaurant. The restaurant owners disputed this claim and said that the they strongly believe it was a bomb that exploded and triggered the blaze. — Dan Toribio Jr.