Lamitan gets 4 gensets PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:18


Officials of Lamitan City led by Mayor Rose U. Furigay and Vice Mayor Roderick H.  Furigay and the Basilan Electric Cooperative (BASELCO) gathered together yesterday for a signing ceremony regarding a memorandum of agreement for power supply to the city.

The signing ceremony was held at the Lamitan City Hostel. It was dubbed as “ROSE Power: Reinventing Our Services Electricity”.

The signatory officials were Mayor Rose U. Furigay, BASELCO Gen. Manager Felomino Bate, BASELCO Board Member President Nijar Indaji and others. It was witnessed by members of the City Council, academe, business sector, members of the Philippine National Police, the Military, barangay officials, private organizations and others.

Consultant Jam Jamonir disclosed that thru the leadership-partnership of Mayor Rose Furigay and Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay the city was able to acquire four units of Catepillar generator that came from the United States. The four diesel-fired gensets can produce five megawatts for Lamitan’s power needs. Each unit has the power of 1.25 Megawatts electric power. It is now in Manila ready for delivery to Lamitan City.

The generators will be installed in Barangay Limook and once completed, Lamitan City will be ready to move towards its economic prosperity.

The project is funded by the city for public services and the city will move to grow. Jamonir said. adding  that the city will hire skilled people like electricians, and workers for the power plant.

Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay in his welcome message,

“Today is a historical event not only for the city but  also for Basilan. We believe that with the signing of the agreement, we are now ready to compete with other cities in the country. It is always a dream of Lamitan City to have a permanent power supply. We have also a network of concreted roads. This project will benefit our children and grandchildrensand great great grandchildren,” Furigay said.

Mayor Rose Furigay said  the project is the answer to the problem of constant blackouts  in the city.

She said Lamitan can not move forward if there are constant brownouts.  The new gensets is the answer for economic growth, she said.

“ Este project de Vice Mayor Oric bien tarda ya gad se plano hende pa yo Mayor. I thank him personally and I support this project for the benefit of the people,” Furigay said.

BASELCO Board President Indahi lauded Vice Mayor Furigay for the realization of the project.

“ Suportahan natin si Vice Mayor Furigay kasama na si Mayor Furigay. Itong project ay historical para sa kinabukasan. May negosyo pag may electricity”, Indahi said. — Allen Abastillas