Lapid graces OFW Family Day in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:23

Senatorial bet Mark Lapid on Sunday graced the OFW Family Day which was attended by hundreds of overseas Filipino workers and their respective families.

In his message, Lapid lauded and congratulated the OFWs for contributing a lot to the country through their foreign currency remittance, which significantly helps the economy.

Lapid said that OFWs should be recognized and give importance in the society.

The young politician and action star said that for an OFW,  it is hard to be far from his/her family as some of them are becoming victims of abuses from some employers abroad.

He suggested that the Philippine government should revisit the law protecting the OFWs to address such maltreatment incidents as what is happening to some of the Filipino workers abroad.

Moreover Lapid said that if he will make it in next year’s elections, he will prioritize programs for Filipino workers and also tourism.

Asked for personal opinion on OFWs saying that there is no opportunity for poor people to get job that is why they  risk their lives working abroad, he said that through tourism the government can invite more investors in the country.

He said that when there are more investors coming in there will be jobs for Filipinos.

The OFWs and their relatives thanked Lapid for his concern on their welfare. – Dan Toribio Jr.