On proposed Zamcelco property sale: Beng, Itu call for public consultations PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:23


Mayor Beng Climaco and Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde have expressed the need to thoroughly study and review the confidentiality clause and open for transparent consultation with stakeholders the proposal to sell the Zamcelco property in Putik to bail it out from its debts with power suppliers.

This, as City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon strongly recommended that the matter be open and transparent to the public for scrutiny with the confidentiality clause stricken out.

“The Vice Mayor and I share the stand previously recommended by the City Legal office to get copies of the proposal, study thoroughly and review confidentiality clause and open transparent consultation to stakeholders,” Mayor Climaco emphasized with reference to the proposed sale of the 7.4-hectare Zamcelco property in Putik.

Iturralde said there should be public consultations before any decision is made on the matter stressing that the cross-section of the city is asking for an open public consultation on the issue.

Nonetheless, despite the vice mayor’s manifestation, the City Council during its session Tuesday approved a resolution addressed to the National Electrification Administration (NEA) expressing the legislative body’s support to and favourably endorsing the ongoing negotiation by and between Zamcelco and Metro Stonerich Corporation relative to the proposed purchase by the latter of the Zamcelco property in Putik.

With one objection, the resolution stressed that the negotiations should be with utmost emphasis on the proposed terms stipulated in the offer of the proponent and taking  into consideration the best interest of the cooperative and its consumers.

“Provided however that the sale is without prejudice to the possibility of Zamcelco considering other utmost and advantageous offers from other interested buyers of same property and further subject to the result of the Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA) that would be convened for the purpose,” the Council resolution stated.

Based on the proposal of Metro Stonerich representing Robinson’s Land Inc., the Zamcelco property will be purchased at a cost of P1.2B with a donation of P30M for the construction of a new Zamcelco buildng and transfer of sub-station and a donation of 13 hectares property to the cooperative for its new site somewhere in the east coast. — Sheila Covarrubias