Falafox sees Zambo rising like Dubai now PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:24


A world renowned urban development expert sees Zamboanga City rising as it were Dubai less than 40 years ago.

Felino Falafox Jr., who was among those involved in the urban development planning of Dubai way back in 1977, was in the city yesterday and presented to the local government officials his proposed development plan for Zamboanga.

Falafox said Zamboanga City right now is much ahead in terms of development potentials than Dubai in 1977 when they started to plan and develop what is now known as the global city of the United Arab Emirates.

“I see a lot of development potentials for Zamboanga, from its topography to flora and fauna and natural resources that are best for eco-tourism, agri-tourism and even cultural heritage tourism,” said Falafox, claiming he has pleasant memories of Zamboanga when he came to the city for the first at the age of 20.

Given all its potentials and at the rate the city is growing, Falafox said, Zamboanga could be the country’s version of Dubai in the next 100 days from now, if his short-term planning proposals were to be followed.

Like Dubai, he said, Zamboanga is a port-driven city. But, unlike Dubai, he added, Zamboanga is blessed with naturals resources that Dubai did not have 38 years ago.

“Dubai is fabricating what could be natural resources like beaches. But here everything is available, pristine and untapped for development,” he said.

According to Falafox, Zamboanga City, from being known as “City of Flowers” to “Asia’s Latin City, could rightfully claim the only “Latin City in Far East”.

“You have history on your side,” he said. “Zamboanga could become the next global city like Dubai.”— Vic Larato