City hires urban plan expert as Zamboanga progresses PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 15:39


The city government has tapped the services of Architect Felino Palafox Jr., a world renowned urban development expert, as Zamboanga City progresses by leaps and bounds with the opening of new malls and other business establishments as evidenced by the booming construction industry.

Assistant City Administrator Elmeir Apolinario told the press briefing in City Hall yesterday that the hiring of Architect Palafox will put all development activities in their proper perspective.

One problem of a progressing urban city like Zamboanga is vehicular traffic, Apolinario said. “With the services of an urban development planner, everything will be considered and placed in proper places.”

In the meantime, he said the city government is doing everything within its means to minimize if not solve the vehicular congestions on the roads leading to newly opened malls, the latest of which is KCC Mall de Zamboanga at Gov. Camins Ave.

He said the Zamboanga City Traffic Operations Management Committee has passed series of resolutions to address the traffic problem at Gov. Camins Ave resulting from the opening of KCC Mall.

The measures include widening of Gov. Camins Avenue, underpass and strict implementation of traffic rules.

Road widening and opening of new roads are among the priorities of the present administration to keep pace with the city’s development, to include projections of what lies in the near future.

“So, it will be the urban planner’s job to advice what the city will do in anticipation of more development activities,” Apolinario explained.

Early last week, Arch. Palafox was in the city and presented his urban development plan for Zamboanga City, which could be the country’s version of Dubai.

Palafox said Zamboanga City right now is much ahead in terms of development potentials than Dubai in 1977 when they started to plan and develop what is now known as the global city of the United Arab Emirates.

“I see a lot of development potentials for Zamboanga, from its topography to flora and fauna and natural resources that are best for eco-tourism, agri-tourism and even cultural heritage tourism,” said Palafox, claiming he has pleasant memories of Zamboanga when he came to the city for the first at the age of 20.

Given all its potentials and at the rate the city is growing, Palafox said, Zamboanga could be the country’s version of Dubai in the next 100 days from now, if his short-term planning proposals were to be followed.— Vic Larato