Poe welcomes reward offer, prays for positive outcome PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 15:39


Senator Grace Poe said she is thankful for all the people who are helping her look for her biological parents and welcomes their help.

“I am happy and grateful that there is a reward offer made by a retired judge and his friends for credible information about my biological parents.

“I am very thankful for everyone’s help and I hope this leads to the truth I have been longing for and now the whole country seems curious about,” Poe said.

In a press conference over the weekend, Jesus Rodriguez Jr. – former arbiter of the National Labor Relations Commission in Western Visayas – announced that he and some of his friends will give P300,000 to anyone who could give “solid and credible information” that could help lead to the true identity of Senator Grace Poe’s biological parents.

Poe said it is no secret that she herself has spent many years trying to find her biological parents.

She said she has been to Iloilo several times and have met with relatives and family friends there in an earnest effort to know the truth, well before her natural born Filipino citizenship became an issue that has been used against her qualifications for president.

“All foundlings want to know who their real parents are. All foundlings go through a difficult process, growing up – as a child, as a teenager and even as an adult—they wonder, they ask. I am no different. I went through the same ordeal. I have been yearning to know and making honest efforts to find out,” Poe said.

Poe relates that there are many theories and many stories, some of them jive, some are conflicting.

The senator also maintained that there is a higher purpose to the search, which is to fight for the equal rights of children and not just to fight to remain in contention for the presidency. She also believes that the state should not discriminate based on the circumstances of one’s birth.

“The government has a parens patriae principle, to act as the guardians of people who cannot effectively take care of themselves.

“If children are abandoned or abused, the state takes care of them and the children take the citizenship of the state that adopts them. It is not humane to say you have no rights just because you are a foundling, that orphaned children are stateless, that they have no country, no citizenship,” Poe said.

“Whatever happens to the search, I am eternally grateful to all those who believe in me, believe that I am a Filipino, and that I am worthy to serve them in government, through the highest office of our nation,” she added. – Nonoy E Lacson