Myra shocked at sorry state of SDC, WCC PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 15:41

District 1 Councilor Myra Paz Valderrosa- Abubakar could not believe her eyes and was shocked when she visited the Social Development Center (SDC) and Women Crisis Center (WCC) at Sta. Barbara last Sunday.

“What was supposed to be a happy get-together with the women and children turned out to be a heart breaking moment as I saw the sorry state of the facilities and how the women and children in the centers were being taken cared of, ” lamented Councilor Abubakar.

Abubakar joined the traditional Christmas gift-giving spearheaded by Congressman Celso L. Lobregat. They first visited the Home for the Elderly at Mampang, the Reception Study Center for Children in Talon-Talon, the Akay Kalinga Center in Zone 1 and the last stop was the SDC and WCC.

The SDC is the facility operated by the City Government that houses Abandoned Orphans and Street Children. At present there are 75 boys and 17 girls staying at SDC. On the other hand the WCC is the Facility operated by the City that is home to Abused, Battered and Trafficked Women and Children. Presently there are 2 women and 10 children staying at WCC.

Both SDC and WCC were affected during the Zamboanga Siege of Sept 2013 yet all the mortar and bullet holes in both buildings are still there and have not been repaired at all. Only one dormitory room with seven beds is being utilized by the children while others sleep on the floor in the corridor. The few available mattresses and pillows were old and dirty. The other dormitory room was padlocked due to a broken window that was allegedly used as an escape route by the children. All 3 Comfort Rooms on the 2nd floor were condemned. The only comfort room for boys in the first floor that is being used was clogged and overflowing. There was no functional shower and the boys had to bathe outside the building.

Windows are broken, doors are padlocked, switches and outlets are damaged. There were cobwebs everywhere, and the garbage and trash were all over the place. The stench was awful and unbearable. All in all the boys were living in filthy and unsanitary conditions.

The WCC was no better off, the scars and damage of the siege was even more evident. Of the 6 lights in one room, only one was working. The bathroom was filthy and the other dormitory room was padlocked. The Cabinets were broken and pillows and mattresses were dirty. “This is definitely not the way we should treat our women and children”, Abubakar said

Councilor Abubakar could not help but bring out all of these painful, sad but true state of affairs in the seemingly neglected SDC and WCC. She has scheduled to deliver a Privilege Speech in the Special Session on Tuesday, December 22. She would also be inviting the City Council to conduct an immediate Ocular Inspection right after the Session. — Melcah Yee