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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 15:49

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

The Philippines is confronted today with so many nuisances, menaces and fear coming from fellow Filipinos. In the social media, hackers find happiness in posting all sorts of stupid things that destroy your Facebook account or uses your account to send bad messages and porno pictures to other FB accounts, thereby destroying your credibility and your objectives among your FB friends, sometimes making them angry at you and you are so innocent. Worst, some shenanigans in Facebook make you an innocent accomplice in their sinister plan of fleecing some assistance to the many kindhearted souls in Facebook in the guise of charity. From bad to worst, even in a cellphone, E-load providers bombard your phone with all kinds of promotions, music and other gimmicks automatically without asking your permission and charges them from your load from 2 pesos to 5 pesos per message. What is lamentable is, you cannot escape from those gimmicks because the code they provide you if you wish to stop is always replied as “invalid message, please try again”. Every time you try dialing another message you are again charged from your load. This is a catastrophe, which the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) must look into, to protect the interest and rights of the million Filipino cellphone and Facebook users. Come to think of it, the automatic charges cellphone providers collect per minute by force, might reach a million pesos or more. This is daylight robbery! BIR  Chairman Kim Henares, are they paying the correct taxes?

* * * * *

Military sources and American intelligence reports, listed Zamboanga City as one of the potential targets for terror attacks. This alarming report comes at a time when residents and visitors are enjoying the Christmas holidays. Some coming from abroad to visit their loved ones in the city while many others postponed their “coming home” because of this threat. Zamboanga City lost the opportunity to show her visitors, the hospitality, the city government has been preparing months before the holidays. Table Talk cancelled family meals at the mall to play safe. Christmas shopping was cut short and children were not given the free time to enjoy the decorations and preparations of the city. Like many local families, most decided to confine themselves at home and always on alert and vigilant for any untoward incidents as we celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year. Bad Filipinos destroy a once a year celebration of family bonding and love. The government must do all means and measures to stop these terrorist activities. Save the innocent and law abiding from terrorist threats and punish bad Filipinos harshly, if possible, give them a “dose of their own medicine”. Perhaps that is fair enough.

* * * *

National politics and candidates and their followers and sympathizers competing for prominence and dominance in the country are employing everything, even dirty tactics and black propaganda. The political situation is now ripe for political violence and many are expecting a “hot political contest” in the national and local level. Terrorist and lawless elements might take this opportunity to unleash their evil objectives. Right now they are showing their “ugly head” in the countrysides and harassing even military units based in their areas. It is too bad that while the national government is rushing to approve a law to give terrorists and lawless elements their due in government, they still find time and solace to sow terror to justify their end. Threatening disturbance and bloodshed at a time when the majority are commemorating a religious activity and to welcome a new year for everybody, regardless of creed, tribe or religion. God should put back senses to those wayward among us. Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin said of the rebels in Russia, “let God forgive them and I will send them to God”. Well said, can our government say and do this? Marxism believes “ to have total peace there must be war first”. Perhaps they are sometimes correct.

* * * *

As the year ends and a new year begins, we sincerely pray with all our hearts that no harm will befall on Zamboanga City and her people. That we will all attain prosperity, good health and total peace this year 2016 — “the year of the monkey”. Let God make monkeys on those who wish us harm. Peace is only attainable if we show love, understanding and God’s or Allah’s guidance.

* * * *

Scoop: See you next year, 2016. Meantime all must pray to God for peace and no bloodshed as we bid 2015 goodbye.