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Thursday, 07 January 2016 15:21



The City Fire Department has reminded anew  the public to be extra careful with bush fire and in burning dry materials this dry season.

This, as the local temperature went up to  38 degrees Celsius following the onset of El Niño.

Mid day yesterday, members of the City Fire Department responded to a phone call about a bush fire which happened at a vacant lot along Tomas Claudio Extension.

Occupants of the adjacent buildings panicked  and called the fire department  when they saw smoke and flames building up on bushes and threatening to spread towards the sidewalks where numerous vehicles were parked.

Alerted firemen from the Central Fire District responded to the fire scene and put off the blaze in few seconds. The entire vacant lot was then watered by the responders to ensure that there will be no further burning of dried grasses.

City District Fire Marshall Sr. Supt. Dominador Zabala,Jr said no casualties and damage in the first reported bush fire this month as they were able to respond immediately.

If the fire has reached the sidewalk, it will be more dangerous to by-passers and occupants of the adjacent buildings considering the scorching heat that can easily ignite the fire and possibly burn the parked vehicles. — Bhong Simbajon/RMN News