Zambo public schools hard pressed as more students sign up for 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 July 2011 17:30

School officials are hard pressed to find innovative ways to help accommodate the sharp increases in student influx to public schools the past few years.

It reaches new heights this year with the DECS start of the implementation of the mandatory kindergarten program further stretching the limits of the public school system nationwide.

City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dolores Alcantara, in a recent television guest appreance on ‘Cuentas Claras, the public affairs program hosted by 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian, admitted resources of the DepEd are being stretched to the limits as schools nationwide accepted high number of students to its schools this school year a month ago.

Asked to comment on the state of affairs of the public schools system in the city, Dr. Alcantara revealed , schools officials here are finding ways to cope with the situation.

They have adopted measures such as double sessions and utilizing available resources to hold more classes to accommodate the students to classes.

Overcrowding of classes is commonplace to most schools here now as officials are hard pressed to accept students to classes.
Ideal ratio is 45 students per class but at present public schools are holding classes with 60 or more students per class.

She noted though that Zamboanga City is much better off as local officials here are very supportive of the public schools system by building more classrooms and hiring more teachers to augment the current teaching force of the city.

Alcantara added the full implementation this year of the mandatory kindergarten program into the regular program has put a bigger strain on he system.

She also added economics come into play as public schools education is far cheaper than private schooling would costs to parents.
She added that while this was the scenario, they are compelled to accept all those wishing to study in public schools as mandated by law.

She asked the public to help bear the inconveniences assuring local public schools officials are doing their best to remedy the situation.