21 killed in last year’s fire incidents in Zambo Print
Monday, 11 January 2016 11:58


A total of 21 people died and  P29,116,500 worth of properties were lost in fire incidents in 2015.

Bureau of Fire Protection’s  City Fire Marshall Supt. Dominador F. Zabala Jr. said that 22 persons, including a fireman, were  also injured in last year’s fire incidents.

The most number of casualties was in in the deadly old market fire where 15 perished 13 others injured on November 1, 2015.

Zabala categorized the fire incidents:  103 fire incidents on Structural Fire incidents (for Building and Structures),  105 fire incidents on Non Structural Fire (Bush/ grassfire, post fire and vehicular fire).  Number of causes are:  157 on accident slike candle lights and faulty wiring;  11 are under investigation, 7 are negligence and 33 fire incidents are undetermined.

According to Zabala, damage to properties was higher in 2014 which P108,690,000 in 102 fire incidents in which four persons died and 11 injured including one fireman. —  Allen Abastillas