Sali sisters launch medic mission in Lugus, Sulu PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 11:33

Lugus, Sulu —  Thousand of Lugus townfolks were elated after receiving medical check-up and treatment of their various ailments following an outreach medical mission conducted in the island municipality of Lugus  in Sulu’s 2nd district.

The team of medical professionals was led by two cause-oriented ladies, who are native daughters of the island town, who took their time out to reach out for their fellowmen in a timely gesture of generosity. Lugus town, a third class municipality, whose residents are in dire need of medical assistance long denied them have seen hope.

As part of the sincere commitment to serve their constituents,  the two-day medical mission was conducted in Lugus, providing medical services to  thousands residents suffering from various ailments.

Mayoralty bet Hadja Amna Sali Macalangcom  and Vice mayoralty aspirant Hadja Dzubaida Sali Abdul who , are running under presidential aspirant Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s PDP-LABAN,led the activity to the delight of village folks who, even on short notice, trooped to  the health centers in Barangay Bas Lugus , and Barangay Rugasan and  last January 7 and 8, 2016.

Both Sali sisters filed their certificates of candidacy for Lugus, Sulu mayor and vice mayor last Oct. 15, 2015 being strongly supported by townfolks and many local leaders as well as business and religious communities in the island municipality of Sulu’s second district.

Medicines and other medical and hygienic stuff (like slippers) were also distributed to those coming from the different villages.

The medical health mission was carried out separately in three cluster depressed barangays — Bas Lugus and Larap Mantan and Rugasan Barangay, where distribution of medical stuff were likewise made.

Health services included smears, taking of blood pressure, random diabetic survey, sputum sample check up and de-worming of about hundreds of children and infants who are suffering from skin diseases and respiratory tract infections.

A team of medical professionals coming from the locality have also joined them during the free medical outreach to assist in the delivery of health care.

Brief session on health education, personal hygiene , and sanitation nutrition and were also rendered by medical professionals health experts, who assisted them. The local Barangay Health Nurses and Midwives were also active in helping the medical team.

People were happy and they expressed their gratitude to the organizers and are expecting that more of such kind of charity can be availed of especially from the local and national government, according  Mayor bet Hadja Amna Macalangcom.

This is not new to us, extending such services to the needy and the sick has been part of our commitment, particularly of our family to our people who have been longing for a regular medical alleviate their living condition, the successful entrepreneur turned public servant emphasized.

“There were considerable number of malnourished children and lactating mothers who need such assistance,” according to Hadja Amna added.

The tandem lamented that, much has to be done to address the health needs of their constituents, which is one of her top priorities once elected in May 2016.

The Sali sisters had also prepared another similar medical outreach endeavor and to include supplemental feedings and immunization, if given the opportunity in the next in the next few months.

“This is the first time in the last 10 years that a medical mission was  we are  thankful  to the Sali sisters who initiated  this activity, “ said a resident whose children were given slippers aside from free medicines they received.

Lugus has 17 barangays, Lugus Proper, Bas Lugus, Bas Nunuk, Huwit-Huwit, Tingcangan, Laha, Mangkallay, Kayawan, Alu Bus-Bus, Alu Duyung, Pait, Laap, Kutah Parang, Gapas Rugasan, Gapas, Mantan Tubig Tuwak and Sibul with population of over 30-thousand who are poor.

Meanwhile, the Sali sisters, vowed to address many other issues like the other basic needs of the island folks which included seeing to it that potable water can be provided considering the supply is scarce and the town continue to suffer from lack of water system.

“We will continue to do our best to help in our little but special way to help uplift the living conditions of our people in Lugus, Inshaallah”, he Sali sisters said.— BFC