Breeder urges stricter farm bio-security measures PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 January 2016 13:48


A known gamefowl  breeder urged poultry and gamefowl raisers to implement tighter biosecurity measures to prevent spread of diseases due to the expected rise in temperatures,  with  the summer season fast approaching and the effects of the El Niño phenomenon still lingering in many part of the country.

Mr. Joey Sy, who won the coveted Invitational Derby at the Araneta Center last year, also said poultry raisers and gamefowl breeders alike should limit visitors in their farms to prevent contamination from possible carriers and conduct regular disinfection of farm premises, tools, and equipment.

Sy, host of the weekly cockfighting TV show “Bakbakan Na” and a member of the International Federation of Gamefowl Breeders Associations (FIGBA), said he strongly recommends spraying farm premises with Major D, an effective disinfectant.

If visitors can’t be avoided, he advises breeders to “spray the tires of visitors’ vehicles, their shoes, and the edges of their pants with Major D. Wash their hands with alcohol or with Major D also.”

“If there are new gamefowls that came from cockpits or poultry and gamefowl expo shows, quarantine them for at least 10 days,” he added.

Major D is the leading biosecurity product from Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO). It is a three-in-one disinfectant that also acts as a detergent and degreaser that is safe to use even in the presence of animals, making routine disinfections easier because there is no need to remove the farm animals from their pens.

Last September, UNAHCO extension veterinarian Dr. Allen Valdeavilla cautioned that respiratory diseases could become more common because of extreme temperatures due to the El Niño phenomenon. He said biosecurity measures are necessary to prevent possible outbreaks that could negatively affect farm productivity and profitability.

“The abrupt changes in ambient temperature that we are experiencing highlight the need to reinforce farm biosecurity measures like disinfection and vaccination to prevent the entry or spread of disease-causing microorganisms in a farm,” he said.

“We must also be conscious of the fact that humans and other animals are usually the ones that carry these harmful germs, so there must be serious efforts to limit the exposure of farm animals to potential carriers of pathogenic organisms,” he added.

Dr. Valdeavilla said when diseases do occur, poultry farm managers and gamefowl breeders should use Microban, another Univet product that provides a higher level of disinfection.

A broad spectrum disinfectant, Microban kills viruses, fungi, bacteria, and even bacterial spores that are resistant to common disinfectants. It is safe and effective even in the presence of organic matter, making it ideal for use in farm settings.

“Disease-causing microorganisms are invisible, and the usual soap-and-water solutions are not enough to disinfect our animal pens and cages,” Dr. Valdeavilla said. — Nonoy E Lacson