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Saturday, 30 January 2016 10:59


An improvised explosive device (IED) planted by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants exploded in a videoke bar at Siito Basa-Basa, Bus-Bus, Jolo, Sulu Thursday night.

A police report disclosed that the explosion took place at a videoke bar owned by Talipao, Sulu former vice mayor Mijan Hasim around 7:35 p.m.

No casualty was reported in the blast.

Initial investigation disclosed that two men aboard a black motorcycle arrived and entered the bar.

Moments later, an explosion rocked the place just after the due left.

Bomb experts recovered a cell phone with wirings at the blast site believed to be the IED’s triggering device

On the same day, police troopers narrowly escaped death or injury after suspected Abu Sayyaf militants lobbed a backpack containing an improvised explosive device (IED) into their parked patrol car where it did not explode in Jolo.

Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado, commander of the military’s Joint Task Group Sulu (JTGS), said that unidentified men threw a backpack Thursday night into the patrol car of the 6th Maneuver Platoon of the police’s Provincial Public Safety Company that was parked along Street 6, Kasalamatan Village in Jolo island, Sulu province.

“The IED did not explode when it landed on the rear part of the vehicle,” Arrojado said.

He said concerned residents alerted the military around 7:20 p.m. that two men aboard a motorcycle threw a black backpack which landed on the police vehicle’s rear.

The residents said the suspects moved swiftly and escaped towards Patikul town, a known Abu Sayyaf haven.

The military’s intelligence unit immediately alerted the Jolo Police Station which ordered personnel of the explosive ordnance and disposal (EOD) of the police’s elite Special Action Force to check the vehicle.

Arrojado said the army’s bomb sniffing dogs and explosive experts assisted in cordoning the street where the car was parked to prevent civilians from getting hurt on the possibility of explosion.

The IED was defused around 10 p.m.

In both incidents, authorities suspect the Abu Sayyaf  was trying to stage a “diversionary attack” to make the military turn its focus away from the combat operation it has been waging  against the militant group in the mountains of Sulu.

The military has put up more checkpoints to prevent the Abu Sayyaf from slipping bombs into populated parts of Jolo island.

In nearby Basilan island,  another Abu Sayyaf stronghold, a police bomb disposal team defused Thursday dawnsimilar IED planted by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants on the sideof Mabuhay Trading, a merchandise store in Isabela City.

The bomb was stuffed and concealed among vegetables in a blue plastic sack. — Dan Toribio Jr.