Mayor Daud of Tapul, Sulu to run unopposed PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 February 2016 13:19

Nasser S. Daud, the long time mayor of Tapul, Sulu’s peaceful island municipality, will run unopposed in the May 9 elections.

This developed only this week when two earlier other aspirants for the mayoralty post in Tapul withdrew their certificates of candidacy, making Daud the virtual winner in the poll  contest this early.

Mail Jalmaani Alih of the LDP executed an affidavit of withdrawal on Wednesday stating that for personal reasons he decided to withdraw his candidacy and as a consequence authorizing the Commission on Elections, through the Election Officer in Tapul to cancel or delete his certificate of candidacy from the Commission’ records.

The other candidate,  Rayan L. Alih, wrote the Election Officer informing that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control after the filing of his certificate of candidacy, he is withdrawing the same.

Mail Jalmaani Alih also paid a call on Mayor Daud in his residence to inform him of his intention.

Mayor Daud begun his political career in Tapul as mayor in starting in 1980. Since then he and wife ran most of the time unopposed.

He was largely credited for Tapul’s peaceful and progressive status while other towns in Sulu are experiencing  security problem.