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Tuesday, 16 February 2016 13:57




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it’…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in John 14:14, the Holy Bible).


THERE’S NO STOPPING BINAY NOW: No matter how powerful media owners may try to derail the bid for the presidency of Vice President Jejomar Binay with skewered reports about results of surveys for presidentiables in the May 2016 elections, he appears headed for victory with his continuing status as the favorite of voters nationwide.

Even if news entities are saying Binay slipped down once again in the most recent (February 05-07, 2016) Social Weather Stations poll by about two points, the undeniable fact is that he remains the undisputed number one choice among voters, with just barely 80 days to go before election day.

Of course, we can understand the twisting being done by media organizations to downplay Binay’s impending victory, enmeshed as they are with their own private agenda against the Vice President. But they may twist and shout all they want in the days to come, it would seem there is no stopping Binay now from being installed President in May 2016.

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FILIPINOS DIVORCED BY FOREIGNERS CAN REMARRY: Junie Espalada, a 40 year-old businesswoman from Cavite, was divorced by her German husband whom she married in the Philippines. Having attained a comfortable economic and financial status by herself, and not having any child with the German, Esplanada said she is now welcoming the divorce, and is in fact raring to marry another German who sells big frankfurters and hotdogs (this is real, of course).

Junie asks: “with the copy of the divorce decree dissolving my marriage, can I marry the second German with the big frankfurters and hotdogs?” The answer is yes, she can, because under Art. 26 of the Family Code, where a Filipino citizen validly marries a foreigner and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by that foreign spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall have capacity to remarry under Philippine law.

However, it is not enough for Junie to show the divorce decree obtained by her husband to the Local Civil Registrar. She has to file a case in court first so that the divorce can be recognized in the Philippines first. Once the courts issue an order recognizing the foreign divorce, then the Filipino spouse can marry a second time.

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TURNING OUR LIVES AROUND MIGHTILY: Did you know that every person—in fact, all of us—have the capacity to perform miracles? Yes, this is true. The promise is even to the effect that the miracles can even be greater than the miracles performed by Jesus, our God and Savior. The question of course is, how can we do these miracles?

A book says that all that has to be done is to have faith on, and believe, in Jesus. Jesus  Himself said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Consequently, if someone thinks he is a failure, and is unable to succeed in anything that he has done, is doing, or plans to do in the future, he can make a complete turn-around and be mightily and awesomely successful. He can do this by obeying what Jesus said—by believing and accepting Him. What must we believe in, and accept about, Jesus? That He is God and Savior. Try it now, live your whole life about this belief, and see your life become powerful.

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