Dengue cases may rise due to El Nino – CHO PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 11:32


The continuing water shortage caused by the El Niño phenomenon may drive up incidence of dengue fever, warned City Health Office.

Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Kibtiya Uddin on Monday said that dengue cases can increase as residents resort to improper storage of water due to water shortages, which can then stagnate and serve as breeding sites for the carrier-mosquitoes.

“If you look at our stats for dengue, there is an increase [in cases] due to improper storage of water,” said Uddin.

According to City Health Office data, there were 275 cases of dengue documented for January 2016 – a higher number compared to 2014’s 218 cases.

The barangays with most number of cases include Tumaga, Calarian, Baliwasan, Tetuan, San Roque, Putik, Tulungatung, Canelar, Mampang, Sta. Maria, Talon-Talon, Arena Blanco, Sinunoc, Tugbungan, Pasonanca, Rio Hondo, and Guiwan.

The El Niño phenomenon may also increase incidences of skin diseases and heatstroke in the City, Uddin noted.

The World Heath Organization describes dengue as a febrile illness that affects infants, young children and adults with symptoms appearing 3-14 days after the infective bite of a mosquito infected with one of the four dengue virus serotypes.

Residents are advised to maintain cleanliness of their environment, use mosquito repellents, and to cover up water storage containers to prevent dengue carrier-mosquitoes from breeding in. — Jasmine Mohammadsali