Beng warns Zamboangueños of candidates favoring MNLF PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 11:32


Mayor Beng Climaco has cautioned Zamboangueños on certain candidates allegedly favoring or supporting the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), whose members attacked Zamboanga City in September 2013 upon the command of their founding chairman Nur Misuari.

“This is an eye opener for us Zamboangueños. Those who favor Misuari must not be voted upon,” Climaco declared Monday, following report that some aspirants for national positions in the upcoming elections has allegedly issued a statement favorable to Misuari.

The chief executive reminded the Zamboangueños about the MNLF siege on Zamboanga that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, including children, police and military officers, and the thousands of internally displace persons.

“Even up to now we are very sensitive on matters that affect the security of the city. Never again can we allow any atrocities like that by the MNLF, and we hold the MNLF leadership accountable for the losses and destructions we suffered during the siege,” Climaco said during her weekly press briefing in City Hall.

She believes that the MNLF members, who came to Zamboanga to stage the attack, were duped by Misuari.

“They fought the battle for Misuari and now they are the ones languishing in jail, while he (Misuari) is enjoying freedom at the cost of the lives of innocent civilians,” she said, and even lamented the authorities’ apparent inability to serve the arrest warrant on the outlawed MNLF chairman.

To recall, the city government has charged Misuari and more than 200 of his followers with rebellion and violations of the International Humanitarian Law in connection with the 2013 Zamboanga siege.

The case is still pending at the Pasig Regional Trial Court, while the accused MNLF members are locked up in Taguig jail.

Climaco further called on the Zamboangueños “not forget the sufferings of the Filipino soldiers and policemen, who risked their lives in defense of Zamboanga and liberated us from the MNLF attackers.”— Vic Larato